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Slotobank Casino - Bonus Credits Disappeared

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Disputed casino Slotobank Casino
Reason Amount not credited
Posted on August 29, 2014

I registered at the Slotobank Casino and claimed the 15 free spins on either Flowers and Starburst. I started off with Flowers. After 4 free spins, I got the free spins reward. I got something like $3.45. When I clicked for the 5th free spin, the system took the credits away and I couldn't continue because it was telling me I didn't have enough funds. So I contacted live chat and told them that I thought the credits are supposed to be deducted only AFTER the 15 free spins were used up. After checking with their tech dept., the rep told me to play the free remaining spins on Starburst instead. I was doing great at Starburst and after playing on it for about a good 15 minutes, I got a huge credit of $290.00 (or probably even higher). I say even higher because I was interrupted by my aunt after the big win and I briefly saw the numbers and pressed the spin button right away. As the game was spinning, the screen froze. I waited a few seconds and nothing was moving. I logged out and logged back in. When I logged back in, the credits were gone! I contacted live chat rep who contacted the tech dept. The rep got back to me and informed me that they have no record of the game. In fact, they were focusing on the credits I got on Flowers - $3.45. I told them to recheck and they came back with the same response. Now - did I just imagine winning a huge amount? Whether it's bonus money or real money, the fact is it just disappeared. Even bonus money is kept on record for 24 hrs. With Slotobank, it just went poof in less than 5 minutes. Could you please investigate? Many thanks.

Posted on August 28, 2014

As we have checked your account with our technical department and we found out that you have never played Starburst and you didn't manage to complete wager amount for 15 free spins for Flowers and Starburst games that you had for your registration with us. And you really won $3.44 after you have played last spin and you had wager remaining amount. Most probably you were playing Starburst in fun mode after you have played 15 free spins.

Posted on August 29, 2014

We received an email from the Submitter to close this complaint as resolved.

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