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Bob Casino - Are they ever going to pay my legitimate winnings of over €940,000?


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Posted on April 2, 2018

First of all, let's start with the most important: I have 960.000 euros stuck on BobCasino, I have no access to my account and I have a terrible feeling that they will never pay me.

I am a regular player and I bet with large stakes in different casinos. After reading good comments about Bob, I started playing there in February, in a slot named Reactoonz (from PlayN'Go). At the time, the maximum stake on this slot was 80€.

I built a 100K+ bank, got verified, got paid, got a VIP manager, and they even increased my withdrawal limits to 100K / month. They always encouraged me to keep playing more and more, they took the risk and increased the stake on this slot to 400€ a spin, hoping that I will lose all.

Slowly I built a very large bank. First with 100€ stakes, then 200€, then finally when I already had a very large bank, I started playing with 400€. So, after some ups and downs, my balance finally got close to 1 million.

Because I am a fair person, I would like to mention that until yesterday they had already paid me around 114,000 euros.

First sign of problems: for a few days I reduced my playing activity and my VIP manager threatened to cut my withdrawal limits, which they did a few days later.

So yesterday I got a call from them, they basically said me that "any other small casino would have closed my account and never paid me" after my winnings.
But, because they are apparently a "different kind of casino" with a honest approach, they offer me 100.000 euros instantly plus a car (the one on their current competition) and I give up of my million.

I got literally blackmailed, they said if I don't accept this deal they will investigate my winnings with PlayNGo and they will probably find something wrong. P.S: investigation that they already did when I won my first 200K, and they found absolutely nothing wrong, as expected.

Well, thank you Bob. I am flattered by someone suggesting that I am a genius with enough capacity, resources and time to change the outcome of a slot machine that is used by the whole industry and generates millions of euros every month in profit, but no... that's not the case, unfortunately.

In fact I am a very careful player that reads all the terms and conditions of every site and never claims a single bonus (because I don't want to take any risk when it comes to payments).

And they know it! For 2 months they treated me well, they paid me well, they even suggested that I can use VPN software to have access to other providers that are blocked in a few countries (which I didn't, because I don't want to break any rule). Funny, no? A casino suggesting a hack..

Let's finish this long story. After yesterday's blackmailing, and because I didn't accept this "deal", they blocked my account for "investigation". They have no idea how long it will take (I guess forever, cause I've seen it before in other places).

To test their good intentions, I've been trying to contact the live chat to ask my current balance (which I know) , and I get ignored every single time. 10, 15 minutes waiting for an answer and no one says anything. Email service doesn't answer as well.

I am sending a few screenshots in attachment. I have more than 100. And screen recordings, and emails, and anything else you need. I decided to make this public on AskGamblers hoping for a fair solution, before I send this story everywhere. And I know it will be a big profile case, involving not only the casino but also PlayNGo, which is responsible for million of euros in profit and works with large bookmakers and regulated markets.

Posted on April 2, 2018

I would like to add a little more information to my original post:

1) On the telephone call, they said my account would be limited, not blocked.

I assumed they would simply prevent me from playing / withdrawing / depositing. Why would a casino want to block a player from accessing his records if they have nothing to hide? Little did they know that I don't need to access it, because I have proof of everything I say (unlike them).

2) Since they blocked my account, my VIP manager does not answer me for 2 days. She used to answer me in 10 minutes

3) Since they blocked my account, the live chat immediately ignores me after I ask any question about my account. They could say me "We are sorry, we can't provide any information".

But they act like I am no one. I have video evidence on this, I recorded several sessions of live chat where they ignore me for more than 15 minutes. If I don't identify myself, they happily answer me, but as soon as they know the topic, they enter "ignore mode".

Yes, Bob is a nice guy indeed. But only if you are loser.

Posted on April 2, 2018

Here is one of the live chat sessions. I have many more. And I have video if someone doesn't believe me.

Posted on April 2, 2018

Dear RP297,
You were informed that your account will be locked because of investigation. During the investigation, access to your account will be limited. The results and progress of investigation will be reported to you in addition.

Bob Сasino team!

Posted on April 2, 2018

Sorry, do you even read what people write, or you just have the exact same answer for every instance of a topic?

Would you please answer me directly to the following questions?

1 - Why is my account blocked during an investigation and not only limited? Considering that I am a verified player, what exactly do you have to hide? Is it that difficult to limit my bets and prevent me from depositing and withdrawing?

2 - what kind of casino intimidates players to accept an agreement that represents 10% of the money they are entitled to, in exchange for silence? This attitude is not only low, it is also self-explaining. If you had anything against me, would you ever offer me 100,000 euros and a car for free?

3 - Why you never answer any of my questions by email or live chat, and why my VIP manager is ignoring me as well?

4 - Why do you need to "investigate" my winnings once again, if you already did not long time ago, and found nothing wrong with them? (please check picture in attachment). The utter nonsense of your arguments would be funny, if they were not sad. According to the representative who called me, my winnings are "bigger than expected" and I'm supposed to lose, not to win. !!!

After all this, how do you expect me to believe that you are simply "investigating" my winnings and not stealing my money definitely?

Thank you.

Posted on April 3, 2018

Dear RP297, as we have informed you before, your account is closed for the investigation,
which is conducted jointly with our gaming platform and PlayNGo provider.

As well we have no idea about who and what you were offered, from our side you were contacted only by our VIP manager via email and our support agents via live chat, all the correspondence is saved.

The investigation is carried out on the initiative of our anti-fraud department. We have a suspicioun about
your game play history. About progress and results of the investigation we will keep you informed.

Bob Сasino team!

Posted on April 3, 2018

"Dear" Bob,

First of all: it is totally unprofessional to disclose personal information about your players, especially names. You did this not only on this complaint, but in others as well. It is even against your terms and conditions and your privacy statements. Yes, Bob, those T&C that players are forced to respect, but you never do.

Second, let me clarify:
I was contacted by your representative on 31 March at 14:20. He claimed he was calling from Malta, he used an anonymous number (Who would expect you to use your real numbers anyway?). The call lasted for 47 mins and 26 seconds and I have many ways to refresh your memory, if you need. I advise you to refrain from lying deliberately. Don't tell later that you haven't been warned and the person who wrote this message was someone else speaking on your behalf!

Please, "dear Bob", don't pretend that you don't know what I am talking about. Despite all you did to me, I am trying to be calm and reasonable. You have no idea how angry I am. You would be too, if someone owe you 1 Million euros.

I'm really trying to hold myself the best I can and trying to resolve this issue in the easiest way. Don't make this personal, it will be worse for everyone.

You know, "dear Bob", I am a businessman as well. But I'm a man. I don't hide behind my desk and I don't send my employees to call my customers when the issue is very important. I give them my personal phone number and I talk to them with the respect they deserve. I know this is something you can't achieve, but at least show some respect and assume what you did, or you will be exposed without any chance of rebuilding your reputation. (don't say later that I didn't warn you).

I keep waiting for answers to all my 4 questions. Without lies, if possible.

I'd like to ask AskGamblers to remove my name from this topic. And if you do, please remove the name of the represntative who called me as well and replace it with something else. I'm not the kind of person who will expose names here. I know people who are managing this topic are probably not guilty of anything, while the real bad people are sitting comfortably on their sofa, probably laughing at all this.

Posted on April 3, 2018

All sensitive personal information have been removed from the posts.

Posted on April 3, 2018

"Dear" Bob,

If you ever want to show up, give me a call. Let's arrange a meeting. I am travelling for business right now and I will be near you. We can meet anywhere you want in Europe. I pay for your tickets, I promise. And we can decide in how many months you will pay this money face to face, like grown up man.

It is not ironic, it's really a deal proposal. I will be waiting.

Posted on April 4, 2018

So it's 4.55 am and this is basically how much I've been sleeping in the last few days: - 4 hours maximum.

I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this and I instantly go to my phone or laptop to find more solutions and more information about how to get my money.

Before Bob's last post, I had a secret hope that they are in fact honest people.

Right now, my only hope is that pressure from SoftSwiss or PlayNGo (or the fear to lose their business) will be enough to pay me in a conventional way.

They just showed the kind of people they are, lying deliberately and without any shame, pretending that they didn't call me.

But, because I don't want people to have any doubts, I am attaching 2 screenshots that you can see on bottom of this message:

These pictures prove that I wrote my VIP manager soon after their call, on Saturday at 5.48 PM, saying exactly what their representative proposed to me on phone, long before I posted my complaint on AskGamblers.

My VIP manager, who is usually very fast and effective about my requests, never showed any surprise or never made any comment on my email. In fact, she never replied. Her only contact was a generic message yesterday, after my complaint showed up on AskGamblers and after I mentioned her for the first time. As soon as I asked her a question about my balance, she started ignoring me again. (I have screenshots for this as well, but I don't want to make the topic too long. AskGamblers, If you need, please request).

So, imagine you are my VIP manager, or anyone else at Bob and imagine this call didn't happen, as they say. You read an email with some serious accusations and what you do? You don't show any surprise and you don't try to deny anything! Yes, Bob, makes lots of sense! Another proof is the fact that only now they changed their strategy and denied it. On their first answers they made no comments at all. Instead, they simply accepted the facts.

I could write a very long message with more and more information and include hundreds of photos, videos and audio recordings, but I don't want to spam this place very much and make people tired. I will use them when necessary and when requested.

But I promise to everyone following this issue that I will never give up. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to work for myself and have some time and a little money. Fortunately, I have a big family who are supporting and helping me to find the best ways to deal with this. They keep backups and they're helping to find the best contacts while I am out of the country. It's not only my money anymore, it's their money as well. It can take years, but someday "we" will collect our money, even if it's not me anymore.

Now, Bob, I will keep waiting for your answers and hoping that you decide to assume your acts like a real man.

Posted on April 6, 2018

Dear Askgamblers and RP297,
we would like to inform you, that we are still waiting
for official confirmation from PlayNGo!

Best regards!
Bob casino team