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Zinger Spins Casino - Blocked account and won't refund deposits

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Zinger Spins Casino
Reason Refund declined
Amount £ 500
Inactive user
Posted on March 8, 2017

I joined Zinger on the evening of 02 March 2017 and made several deposits totalling £500. I didn't accept any form of bonus and played through my deposits to £0.

When i woke up the following day i had an e-mail from Zinger saying that they have processed my Self Exclusion?? I hadn't requested one. I called up the casino as they have no online chat system and the representative told me that my account had in fact been blocked by them (so they lied) because i had an active Self Exclusion with one of their sister sites - MoonGames.

I have searched through all of my e-mails (even those deleted and archived) and can find absolutely nothing to do with MoonGames. I have therefore requested that Zinger forward me a copy of the Self Exclusion but have not heard back from them.

Now either way here i feel like i am losing out!!

If they are telling the truth and i do have an active self exclusion with one of their sister sites, how was i allowed to register with Zinger and make multiple deposits over the course of a few hours? My name, date of birth, address, e-mail address etc., haven't changed. Furthermore, i have had various online casino accounts in the past and tend to use the same username and password over and over again.

If they are not telling the truth and i do not have a self exclusion with a sister site, then they have blocked my account just in time for them to take my money and me never have any chance of winning some back.

This situation is really frustrating. I explained all of the above to the Casino and they said that they refund deposits "at their sole discretion" - well i'm pretty sure that in the event i had won a lot of money they'd have refunded the deposits and kept the winnings.

Therefore the deposits should just be VOID and returned in any event.

To add insult to injury, despite the fact that they have blocked my account for "responsible gambling issues", I have since received SIX promotional e-mails from them trying to tempt me to use their casino! Absolutely ridiculous behaviour.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Inactive user
Posted on March 8, 2017

Since submitting this complaint I have heard back from the Casino and will let you know if/when we come to a conclusion. Thanks for your help.

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