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en Casino - Unfairly confiscating a huge chunk of a wagered bonus

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount kr 58000
Posted on June 5, 2018

So i registered at, i noticed there was a 500% Bonus there, i deposited 1000 NOK and got 6000 NOK to play for, i eventually wagered the bonus, using maximum 5€ stake, i was overjoyed and about to withdraw a huge amount of 70.000, Sounds nice yes? soon went south because The so called security team said this:

[17:32:46] Benjamin: Looks from the security department here that your bonus and winnings with this are canceled according to our Terms & Conditions point 7.1.3 which reads the following: An account holder is only eligible for one bonus per Account, which does not involve more than one bonus per user, IP address, computer device, family, home address, phone number, credit or debit card and / or e-payment account, email address and environments where computers are shared (university, pool, school, public library, workplace, etc.).
As well as point 7.3.2:
If there is reasonable suspicion that the Account Holder has attempted or attempted to exercise a bonus abuse either on its own or as part of a group, Unibet reserves the right to: remove in its sole discretion the bonus allocated to the Account Holder and any gains from it the bonus and / or cancel, refuse or withdraw a bonus offer to the Account Holder and / or block access to special products and / or key Account Holder from future promotional offers and / or immediate effect to terminate the Account Holder's account.

I imediatly contacted support, i also noticed that i had 1100€ in balance, not 100€ as i deposited, i also notified support about this.

So i kept 1000€ that is "fraud" money?

And here is where it get's interesting, i started playing for the 1000€ balance wich was Note: fraud money in their eye.

Well guess what? I worked myself up to 3500€ and put a withdrawal, and guess what? they actually paid me, they actually paid me 3500€ wich 1000€ of them was "fraud money", Doesnt wound very much fraud to me but a casino refusing to allow big winners their withdraw.

Please explain to me how they can pay me Fraud money and still claim it to be a fraud?

The bottom point here is, If it really was fraud, they would not paid a single Dime to me, they would not give me 1000€ Extra cash from wagered bonus and then let me withdraw 3500€

So where is my missing 5800€ wich i wagered before you took my money and gave me 1000€ Extra? and THEN allowed me to withdraw 3500€ wich was , Let me repeat myself, Money from what security team called "fraud money".

Posted on June 6, 2018


To clarify, the money that remained in your account after the bonus amount and winnings were confiscated, not 'unfairly', but due to clear bonus abuse via multiple accounts, relates to your original deposit amount and winnings from game play with this original deposit amount.

This money is not 'fraud money' and we have never suggested that it is, hence why your withdrawal was processed.

We believe we have been exceedingly fair in how we have handled this situation.

Posted on June 6, 2018

Hi again, i would like you to bring forward some Good evidence of your claims

i have never played on your casino, I would surely not be able to register at your site with the same email or anything, so please bring some concrete proof of your claims or pay me what i am entitled to.

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