Betway Casino sayin im breaching

posted on May 15, 2012.

gave me £10 bonus no deposit, played thruough amount an withdraw £270 got a reply

(Following a review of your account, we have identified that you are in breach of the casino’s standard Terms.

Please refer specifically to the following clause:- The Casino reserves the right to limit cashins/withdrawals from any free chip/bonus/free games/free spins added to a players account to $/€/£20or, in the case of other currencies, the equivalent of $20. This limit will apply should a bonus be granted with no deposit being made unless specifically stated otherwise in the promotional offer.

Please be advised that only £20 will be issued and the rest of the funds will be confiscated.)

please help iv done nothing wrong and they carnt get away with false asvertising.

who do i complain to?