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FashionTV Casino - Waiting for a payment for over a month now!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino FashionTV Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 5000
Posted on October 10, 2015

I wait on my Money 1 month in this casino. I make first withdraw 10.000 29.8.2015. Subsequently, support write me, that they have limit on week 5000. So I must cancel withdraw and make new 2 withdraw. Ok, I make two withdraw 4.9 on Skrill. 14.9 still Money not come, so I write with support. Support agent Rachel write me, that I must cancel Skrill , and must do new withdraw on Neteller, because they have problem with Skrill. I ask - if I make to Neteller - you send me all Money, because today /14.9/ I wait 2 week already. Rachel told me - yes, yes, all Money. Ok, I make new withdraw 14.9 on Neteller. So, first 5000 they send me on Neteller 16.9. Only 5000! From 16.9 I write with support every day! They still lie me, still only promise - next day, next week, up to friday etc. And I wait from 29.8 - 1 month!!! Please, I need answer from this casino - why is this problem with my second payment???

Posted on October 3, 2015

Dear @ekravcova,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on October 3, 2015

Hello Askgamblers, unfortunately, absolutely nothin­g.................... No mail, no message, not answer..... Please not close this complaint, I still hope that they will write here....

Posted on October 6, 2015

This is really joke...................................... Everey agent only lie................ Why this casino has licence????

My chat from saturday :

Michael 05:42:48 pm
As we have checked your account and we found that your withdrawal of €5000 has been processed successfully and next withdrawal will processed by Monday
sissi 05:43:14 pm
Really monday, yes?
Michael 05:43:20 pm
If you want then you can play with us continue
I will give you today 110% bonus on each deposit
sissi 05:45:13 pm
thanks, I waitn on money and maybe later. Because I wait 1 month already and still only write me - we send next week, up to friday, up to.... , agani next week etc... So I want see monday my money on my Neteller and next I can play... So I hope that really you send...
Michael 05:45:24 pm
Michael 05:50:56 pm
As we said to you that due to slight technical error some players got +
I am sorry to inform you sir but that was earlier happened with us
due to some problem but now that problem get completely changes and there is no more slow payment exist with our casino anymore
sissi 05:53:09 pm
Michael, technical error 1 month..... So ok, I hope that monday I receive money and you cleanse your name :-)
So bye up to monday, I wait money ;-)
Michael 05:53:38 pm
I really appreciate your cooperation with us and surely we try our best to clear your cashout on time
So, of course, no money...........

So, I again go to chat, yesterday :
Rachel 03:07:16 pm
Dear Eli,you will get an email from Finance department till tomorrow before proceeding your withdrawal
sissi 03:07:50 pm
Rachel why mail?
first withdraw they not send mail
I wait on money, the same as first withdraw they can send, on Neteller
so why mail?
Rachel 03:12:05 pm
It means that your withdrawal of 10000 € has been transferred successfully from our end
sissi 03:14:24 pm
I not understand Rachel.... what
I still have only 5000
Rachel 03:14:41 pm
sissi 03:14:41 pm
and next 5000?
Rachel 03:14:55 pm
but tomorrow you will get paid another 5000
sissi 03:15:09 pm
aha..... Rchel, really?....
Rachel 03:15:14 pm
Rachel 03:18:10 pm
dear Eli , As you know that finance team has been processed your withdrawal of 5000 successfully
So you must understand that they will process your another withdrawal 100%
you should not be worried
sissi 03:20:16 pm
ok, I believe you that tomorrow I receive money..... But about worried - I wait 1 month, what no standart for casino, If you unedrstand me....
Rachel 03:20:52 pm
We appreciate your patience
Thanks for that
sissi 03:25:17 pm
ok, so I wait work tomorrow?
Rachel 03:25:35 pm
I will be here for your help
sissi 03:26:00 pm
ok, so thanks for now... bye
Rachel 03:26:07 pm

Of course, still no money.ok, I go again on chat , today :

MichaelWelcome to BetFTV. How may I help you?
ekravcova Hi Michael
2:18 pm MichaelHI
how may i help you?
ekravcova Michael...I write with you saturday....
about my withdraw
Michaelwell as you know that you already got 5000
ekravcova so I wait, wait, wait
2:21 pm Michaelso the remaining 5000 will be process very soon

This is joke!
I need answer from BetFtv about my withdraw!
Because my patience is end!
I wait 40 days already!

This is WORST casino, what I know!!!

Posted on October 8, 2015

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Posted on October 12, 2015

Hello! I still wait my payment. You write other players, so why no for me?

Posted on October 13, 2015

I just received answer on my question from web page :-) - Ticketing System Support <[email protected]>
Hurra, so I very very hope that they will be pay and start work!

"Dear Ekravcova,
Please accept our apologize for the inconvenience, we understand it is unpleasant to wait for so long .

We are currently in the process of moving our entire customer service operation to Europe, where our players will have the support of an experienced, professional team - working across many languages.

Please bear with us a little longer while we finalize these changes - we are confident that we will be able to give you the service you expect and deserve. You can rest assured we will be in touch very soon to help resolve it.

Thank you again for your patience and for choosing FashionTV Casino

Alina, "

Posted on October 16, 2015

We would like to apologize for the delay and provide some clarification about the reason behind it.

At the time mentioned, we were in the process of moving our entire customer service operation to Europe so we could provide our players a new and improved customer care experience. In the process of moving, the player's withdrawal was unfortunately delayed for which we would like to express our sincerest apology.

Since then the player reversed the said withdrawal to her account. We would like to invite her to claim a free bonus in addition to an exclusive offer from the Casino.

We'd like to reassure all our players of speedy cash-outs among many other benefits at FashionTV Casino.

Kind regards,
FashionTV Casino.

Posted on October 16, 2015

Hi...yes, because I wait very long time on withdraw, so I reversed money on account and lose. So every casino, where is long time for withdraw, is very untrustworthy...... I lose my money, because you not send me my money 1,5 month.... So my patience was end and I play and lose. So for me this casino is closed, unfortunately.

Posted on October 19, 2015

We reject this complaint, because player reverse and played off her winnings, even when we recommend that she need to be patient and wait.

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