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Betfred Casino - Valid documentation, yet account frozen

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Disputed casino Betfred Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

I registered and made my first deposit at Betfred Casino only to find, minutes after my deposit, that my account has been frozen.

I received an email from Betfred asking for documents to verify my identity. In addition to other documents, they asked for a passport copy. Since I don't have a passport, I advised them of this and sent them my drivers licence copy. After sending the documents, I receive a reply that I have to attach the documents, not include them in the body of the email. Strange, but I resent the documents as attachments.

Shortly after, I receive an email back from them asking me to send them a passport copy because my licence is restricted (i hold a restricted motorbike licence and a full car licence) and because the licence expires in a year and that I have to supply a passport copy. I reiterated that i don't have a passport and that I don't see how the class of my licence or the fact it expires in a year is relevant - it's still a valid, current form of ID.

They stopped replying after this.

This leads me to believe Betfred Casino is nothing more than a scam - they get people to deposit, freeze their account and keep the funds.

Posted on April 8, 2013

Hi there,

I wrote a response by email the other day but for the benefit of your system I'll re-post it here.

In answer to the complaint:

Firstly, Betfred would never seize someone’s deposit money. We are regulated and have responsibilities pertaining to our licensing authority (the GRA), to customers and our payment providers. Part of that commitment is to confirm the identity of players (to avoid fraudulent deposits, chargebacks and money laundering). Once an identity is established through a verifiable document, the player can continue to play as normal. When an identity cannot be verified the deposit is returned to the original payment method. Again, no money is kept by Betfred. This is true of this player, as his deposit was returned.

However, I will check why his driving licence was not sufficient for our Security team, but this is their prerogative.

If you feel this complaint needs to be expanded on then please let me know.

Kind regards,


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