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Betfinal Casino - Refusing to cooperate for a withdrawal


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$ 2000

Posted on November 2, 2019

Betfinal casino emailed me encouraging to to sign up with them using a different username and the $ currency and they would offer me their welcome offer again.
I went ahead and took them up on their offer, signed up and after a couple of deposits using my VISA I ended up with a balance of close to 2000$.
I had my account verified within a day or two and went ahead and requested a withdrawal back to my Visa.
The casino told me the the withdrawal failed, so I tried requesting a wire transfer. I was told that the wire transfer option is only available for customer having an IBAN which is not something we have here in Canada.
They then told me the have a strict return policy and that the only option would be to pay the money to my VISA.
I called my bank and they told me that they do not accept payments to the VISA and if I wanted to receive a payment they would need to wire the money directly to my account. They then gave me all the information the casino would need to wire the money to me.
I relayed the information the bank gave me to the casino and the told me that if I didn't enable my Visa card they would only be able to refund me the deposit back and keep the winnings.

I need help in having the casino pay my winnings out to me. Please Ask Gamblers, can you get in touch with the casino and ask them to offer ANY alternative? I've cooperated with all their requests so far but I do not know what else I can possibly do.

Posted on November 2, 2019

Dear Ernfern22,

Since this is an official forum, we will only be able to respond generic in this matter. All information given is correct and there is no reason for us to withhold any of your funds. However, withdrawals via bank wire are only possible with IBAN routing. Withdrawals to VISA cards are possible and this is not an issue on our end. As you mentioned, your deposit generated from VISA so we can offer this also as withdrawal channel.

Regarding refunds, it is the nature of such that the amount cannot exceed the deposited funds. At no point of time, we have denied a payout of legit winnings. Once you provide us with a VISA card or IBAN for withdrawal, your funds can be processed immediately.

Furthermore, we are working on more withdrawal options which might be good for you, but those are not yet available and there is no exact estimation when such can be made available.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on November 3, 2019

Thank you for your quick response.

I want to set the record straight, I did not say you denied my winning, this is not the reason I asked AskGamblers to help me. Your casino actually was very responsive and we exchanged several emails in the same day at times.

I asked for their help because after having called my bank and asking them about wire transfer they told me that any wire transfer or bank transfer would be able to be paid out to me with the information they gave me which I have provided to you. They said We do not use IBAN over here. It's not the first time I need to receive a money transfer, every other time the party in question was always able to arrange something with their financial team using the details I gave them.

I also asked them to enable my VISA and they told me that the Visa on my account in not able to receive withdrawal to it. There was nothing they could do there.

So I am in a situation where you are not offering me a valid option for withdrawal. I would ask you once again to check with you financial team for the fast bank transfer with the information I have provided you . I can appreciate you telling me that you are working on other options, but I do not want my money to be tied up for months on your site while you try and think of an alternative.

Posted on November 3, 2019

Dear ErnFern22,

We really would like to help you out in this matter, however, Fast Bank Transfer is only supported with IBAN routing. We do not have an option to use any other details here. Regarding your VISA card, this is something out of our control.

Kindly note, that we do also state that deposits will always be processed to the deposit account. Meaning we can process to your VISA card, via Fast Bank Transfer or any further stated withdrawal option on our website. If none of these options is possible for you, we are unable to proceed for now. However, this will most likely change quite soon.

@AskGamblers please decide as this is something out of our hands.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on November 3, 2019

Every casino I've ever played at and requested a withdrawal on has always been able to pay me via Fast Bank Transfer. I provide them with my account number, transit, institution and swift and their financial team is able to send the money to me. Your casino also offers interac on the website which for some reason you are not allowing me to withdraw from. I see many different options for payment, yet I keep hearing that the situation is out of your hands. I am cooperating with everything you ask me, and yet you end your response with a statement like this is out of our hands... This is completely ridiculous.

Posted on November 4, 2019

Dear AskGamblers,

Please take a decision here. We are also happy to provide more information upon request. However, Fast Bank Transfer is only possible with IBAN and BIC.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on November 4, 2019

Can you please list the way you can pay your Canadian customers then?

Posted on November 4, 2019

Hi ErnFern22,

We can currently process withdrawals via Fast Bank Transfer (IBAN routing), VISA card withdrawal and Ecopayz. All these payment options are available. And we have not advertised anything different. Kindly note that it is not in our hand that your VISA card (deposit method) is not enabled to receive withdrawals. As an alternative we can and have offered you IBAN transfer.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on November 4, 2019

Please refer to the attached document. Why do you offer a fast bank transfer in the withdrawal screen if we DO NOT HAVE IBAN here.

I am giving you all required information for you to send me the transfer...

Had I known that bank transfer was not available I would not have deposited on your website. You can't tell me that Fast bank transfer is an option when clearly it's not.

Have you ever sent a fast bank transfer to another Canadian player? I am curious to see how that was done.

Posted on November 7, 2019

Hello Betfinal,

Can we please ask your operations team to submit a bank withdrawal with the information I provided you? I am at your merci here, but if you offer the option for Canadian players then there must surely be a way for us to get this done. I will do anything you need me to, but as mentioned by my bank and anywhere I check on the internet, IBAN is not an option here for Canada, we have all the other details I provided you with. Would it help if I sent you a void check?

Posted on November 10, 2019

Hello Betfinal, can we please find a method that suits both of us for payment?