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Betfair Casino - Denied refunding me because of a software glitch

posted on June 30, 2015.

Had issues with Betfairs Live Black Jack . It would hit or stick when i didnt want it to or do the opposite what i said. This resulted in me loosing a fair amount of money when i didnt issue the commands. When i contacted them the fist response was to question my laptop or internet connection. I have a brand new laptop and fibre optic broadband so no issues there. aThey did refund me slightly but no where near the amount i lost. I must advise anyone to stay clear of betfair as they are no where near as helpful as bet 365 or other online casnios when there is an issue. I Have since closed my account and still awaiting a response.

posted on July 3, 2015.

Hi Shane,

First of all, apologies for the issues you faced playing Betfair Live Casino.

Please be sure that the helpdesk & Live Casino team have undertaken a full investigation of your issue and have come back to me with the below details.

The game being played was Unlimited Live Blackjack where 100’s of customers are playing on the same Blackjack box – for example, if you have 14 and you choose to ‘stick’ another player may decide they want a card – it does not affect your total of 14. So from the perspective of a player unfamiliar with the rules you may click the ‘Stand’ button but they see a further card being dealt, not realizing the extra card/s do not affect your total.

When you load this game there is a message which warns you of the different rules, please see in the attachment

There are a handful of instances where helpdesk has been contacted about issues with the Casino.

• Disconnections on June 26th were caused by a DDOS attack on Playtech (our game supplier), which effected all players on the network. You accepted a bonus as compensation for this.

• All games on the 29th & 30th appear to have been played with solid blackjack strategy and you were fully able to make decisions as far as we can tell on every single hand

• On these days you also received €23 of goodwill cash bonuses (your loses on these 2 days were €28), not because we suspected there was a game error, simply to ensure your experience was and is enjoyable, and that you left the live help chat with a positive experience – We believe this is the case as on a number of occasions as you kindly took the trouble to advise the chat operator how impressed you were with the service and attention they were supplying and had supplied previously.

From the above it appears the issue was that you weren’t aware you were playing Unlimited Blackjack where the rules slightly differ to standard Blackjack, causing some confusion but not directly leading to any losses as you were always in control of your hand and playing solid basic blackjack strategy.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss further

posted on July 3, 2015.

Well ok in terms of the refund ok I wasn't really complaining about it. However two things you forget to mention in your message. Your customer service is very hit and miss. There are people who are very interested in helping and others that are rude and arrogant, and I would be happy to tell exactly who as I remember. Also it took me to make a complaint and this website for you to respond to me. I was promised a personel email and it's nearly four days later and I haven't received any response. So your team promised me an email within 24-48 hours. So how do you respond to that? Also I am very aware of unlimited black jack as you should know as it's all that I play on your website and I only started to have issues with it latley and I'm only telling you what happened on my computer! I'm not looking for anything anymore I just think you should deal with things better and if you promise someone a response then keep to the time frame you give them.

posted on July 7, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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