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Disputed casino Betfair Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Posted on May 26, 2014

My friend recommended me to play on, saying that this casino is serious, honest, and pays out winnings without any problems, although he was talking about little money. That's why I made no hesitation at putting deposit of Euro 150 and began to play. Somewhere after 2 hours I caught 5 "$" and I won the 2500 Euro. For the next 2-3 hours winnings were following each other and my final balance was 7061 Euro! I could not believe my eyes! And everything looked real up to the issuance of money. The next morning I received a letter from verifi­cat­ion­@be­tfa­ that my winning was confiscated from my account. I asked about the reason for it and received an answer with mechanically copied rules of their casino. I asked to clarify exactly what point were broken, and got the same text without changes - namely, the copied text from their site. There was even a feeling that there is just a robot sitting in their support. But the truth was that they had nothing to answer, and therefore did not indicate any specific reasons. Obviously, if there is no reason that you can reference in case of failure to pay the prize, such unjustified confiscation may be connected only with the unscrupulousness of the casino. I also asked them for any contact phone number, and as it is already possible to understand, my request was dully ignored.

Once I realized that it was pointless to ask for an explanation and they always send the same letter template, I decided to fight for my fair winning. Because nowhere is written that a player has the right to cash out only small winnings and if the casino is not going to pay more or less decent amount, just they do not need to give the chance of winning knowingly false big amounts.

First and foremost, I want everyone to be aware that does not pay out your big winnings and it also confiscate the initial amount.

Posted on December 23, 2013

 Casino sent us the screen shots and evidence that shows abusive player's behaviour and breach of casino T&C! Complaint solved!

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