Betfair Casino - Closed my account without an explanation

DBG1 United Kingdom
posted on November 27, 2016.

Betfair Casino closed my account on or around the 19th November (2016) and sent an email advising me that they have had to 'suspend' my account while they undertake a review of my recent account activity. Within this email, they requested documents for the purpose of 'KYC' (Know Your Client) procedures.

I immediately emailed across the specific documents and they have not responded to even acknowledge safe receipt of those - somewhat - sensitive documents. I have fully complied with their request.

Since the 19th November, I have been calling them on the telephone almost on a daily basis, requesting an update on my account and to substantiate/explain any grounds on why they initially closed my account. I have also been re-sending my documents to them every few days.

I have been playing regularly for many months, depositing, accumulating small amounts of winnings and of course, losing some. The latest account standing is just over £220.00. When I asked them what has happened to my balance, they say: "the account has been closed and the decision is final", providing me with absolutely no indication as to what is really going on or what the issue of dispute is.

I am extremely disappointed with the level of service I have received to date, hence why now I am forced to publicly vent my frustrations. I have not had access to my account for nearly 10 days, which has left me missing out on several big sporting events.

DBG1 United Kingdom
posted on November 29, 2016.

I contacted Betfair Customer Service via telephone again today, only to be informed (once again) that they cannot discuss the matter any further. I have also sent a formal request for information relating to my account.

I received an automated email from them. for me to keep in mind the following time-frames:

(i) verifying your account: average time to answer is 48 hours,
(ii) account security related queries: average time to answer is 48 hours,
(iii) all other enquiries: average time to answer is 4 hours.

It has been over 200 hours since I sent my first email...still no response.

DBG1 United Kingdom
posted on November 30, 2016.

Update: 10 days later... I received an email from Betfair Customer Service a short while ago stating ..."some or all of your documents were invalid. Could you resend them?"

Just for the purpose of clarity, they initially requested the following documents:

(i) Proof of your ID - a high quality colour photo of your passport, driving license, or national ID card.
(ii) Proof of your address - a high quality colour photo of a utility bill or bank statement not more than three months old.
(iii) Proof of how you pay - a high quality colour photo of the credit or debit card that's registered to your Betfair account.

I sent them: (i) a high quality image of my passport, (ii) a recent bank statement (not printed online, but a hard copy as requested) and (iii) a high quality photo of the debit card/s that is registered to my account.

Now, in this recent email, they have requested the following:

(i) Proof of your ID - a photo image of your passport as we do not accept scanned copies for security reasons.
(ii) Photo of you holding your ID - a high quality colour photo of you holding your above ID next to your face.
(iii) Proof of your address - previous document supplied is an online statement and we are unable to accept.

I will of course comply with their request (again) and will be sending the images through shortly, but I must say, I am slightly taken aback by request (ii). I am familiar with KYC procedures, not limited to say, that as a third year law student and the fact that my family run their own law practice in London, specialising in Corporate/Commercial Law - this request is rather abnormal and unnecessary.

I am aware Betfair is regulated by The Gambling Commission and Betfair also have an internal 'escalations' team/process. Given the level of disservice I have received, any consumer of Betfair's products (i.e: us) are entitled to take their issue externally to The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), who have an obligated duty to review such matters objectively. A process that I would very much like to avoid, but I don't see what options are left available to me, should this issue remain unresolved.

DBG1 United Kingdom
posted on December 1, 2016.

Update: Betfair have now re-activated my account and verified my documents.

posted on December 2, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.