Begado locked my account for security reason?!

posted on September 8, 2013.

I have been lock out of begado casino ,I was playing and made a deposit of 60.00 then a representative came on chat and ask if I wanted a bonus deposit 40.00 more and they would 400% and free spins I said ok ..........I played for a wail and was doing well, went to bed, the morning got up and log in to the account and they lock me out, they said for security reason ????

Last month I played there and did very well, but by the time I sent all the paper work and sent from one representative to another representative , to the payment dep. them back to a another rrepresentative and sending all paper work back again ,well you know how much money I put back in that casino ????

now that all that paper work is done and there wont be any hold up (I have been lock out for security reason) with money still in the account ??????

wonder why