Pocketwin Casino - Giving me hard time with verification

posted on May 9, 2016.

Signed up to pocket win casino and received £5 free no deposit bonus, won and spent it on their site. Received a text saying I had £3 free to play with so lugged back on and spent it, won some money so requested to withdraw it. Then got another text saying £3 free to play with so again logged on and played it. After spending the £3 they decided themselves to reverse my withdrawal. Realised this so requested to take my £50 out again. The last request was the 3/05/2016. Rang multiple times, the last being the Friday just gone 6/5/2016 as they say it'll take 3 working days to process, was told it'll be processed Monday as their 3 working days are only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rang today, Monday, 9/05/16, when it should be done, to be told they have text me saying they need additional information to prove who I am, never received that text. Informed them I can send my birth certificate and a housing letter dated 20/4/16 so in their 3 month period they ask and because it only has Mr. Neary and not my first initial, that isn't good enough. Was told last Friday when i rang though they wouldn't need additional proof of who I am. Refusing to pay and putting more hoops up than a dog show! As for the customer service, I'm sure it's scripted, I've been told the same thing by everyone except one person. Avoid at all costs! I'll make sure I get my money which I won and then I'll never use them again and recommend nobody else does also!

posted on May 13, 2016.

Good Afternoon Mr Neary,

Our customer service team were waiting for you to send through ID as requested however looking further into this account it has been noticed that you have a duplicate account and thus were not entitled to the £5 free no deposit bonus.

Please see our terms and conditions section 12. 79: An advertised offer relating to the opening of a Player Account is limited to one per Player. In the case of a Player abusing this offer by opening more than one Player Account, we reserve the right to suspend or close the Player Accounts, void any withdrawals and clear any credit (cashable and / or bonus) on the Player Accounts.

Our full terms and conditions can be read here: https:­//w­ww.p­oc­ket­win.co.uk­/le­gal­/te­rms­-an­d-c­ond­itions

Kind Regards

PocketWin Support

posted on May 14, 2016.

That is a load of rubbish, I have one account! How can I make more than one account when I have one bank card?! Just trying to get out of paying! Absolute con! Avoid at all costs!