Always Vegas Casino is not paying me!

ivarzLV Latvia
posted on January 28, 2015.

At first I grabbed no deposit bonus on Always Vegas (06.01.2015.)

casino after which I done all wagering requirements. However,

maximum amount for withdraw was 105€ which I could withdraw only

if I deposit minimum amount (25€) into Always Vegas casino.

I deposited 25€ on 12.01.2015. via Skrill, requested a withdrawal

on 12.01.2015.(total amount 105€ + 25€), after that received email

from Always Vegas casino security team to send them bank statement

and passport copy which I sent them on 15.01.2015. (see


One day after I received one more email from their security team

to add a photo where I hold my passport, I sent this photo them on


And now still after almost two weeks I have not received any

response. When I tried to contact their live support at first they

told me that there is no estimate when they could reply me about

this issue with delayed payment and now they are not replying me

at all (added some screenshots from chat with their live support).

I am still waiting for my money...

ivarzLV Latvia
posted on January 30, 2015.

Update: It seems that this casino is a complete scam! Now they finally replied me and at first they told that my withdrawal request is at final stage and I will receive my money soon, shortly after that they sent me an email that I have duplicate accounts and my winnings has been void. After that when I requested a withdrawal of 25€ I deposited they locked my account completely.

However I've never had any duplicate accounts in any of casinos. I always try to respect all the terms and conditions at every casino but this seems to me a bit too ridiculous. The winnings has been void without any logical reason and lets see if they also scam out the money I've deposited from me.