posted on December 21, 2010.

I am a new player ,so don't know much about online casino business, but after dealing with ALLSLATSCASINO I will make a point not to trust any of these casinos with my deposits. I just simply wanted to try how it fills to play online and my deposit was 300 CAD from my VISA. After couple of days I realized that it is not for me and asked for the rest of my balance which is 183.50CAD to be deposited back to my VISA account. And here it started. After about dozen tryouts in 3-4 days period to have it done myself I realized that there is some glitches on withdrawal site that will not allow to do it.
I called to support and made them aware of the problem. Each time they promised to make sure It will be fixed and they will inform me about it.They never called or e-mailed . It look like if they have your money they just wont let it go in hope that I will loose it in the game in the mean time . This is not a big amount . I wonder is it a everyday practice for such a big corporation to scum little by little for their everyday needs?

posted on December 27, 2010.

Thank you very much for help . After your posting everything get resolved.