All Slots Casino - Datacash service

posted on November 28, 2012.

DATACASH has to be the worst service for withdrawing. They deposited the $8,000 that I won and then for some reason without authorization, debited my VISA account $4,000.

I have a $1,000/mo limit and now I'm in overdraft getting charged an arm and a leg.

I have been tossed around in circles by AllSlots Casino's live chat and DATACASH sending over 3 bank statements that they keep needing more information on.

I am still waiting for the $4,000 they owe me and its been more than 2 weeks.

TERRIBLE SERVICE...I will not gamble here again.

posted on December 5, 2012.


They probably debited your card because you used that card to make a deposit..if this is the case, unluckly this is standard procedure for almost all casino, to avoid fraud issues...

I'm sure all will be sorted out, next time never use a payment method to deposit that has such limitations (or simply cash out the maxiumim amount allowed per month)



posted on December 17, 2012.

 Is this issue resolved? Can we close the complaint?

posted on February 15, 2013.

 Due to inactivity of the submitter, this complaint can be considered withdrawn and the case solved!