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All Slots Casino - Closes my Account

Complaint Info
Disputed casino All Slots Casino
Reason Account closure
Posted on May 16, 2014

On the 29th of March i signed up with All Slots Casino and deposited $50 which was my first deposit, it was promptly met with a $50 matching bonus.

I figured i'd go have a shot at the new Microgaming Slots, Girls with Guns.

Within the hour, possibly a bit more i was up to i believe just over $4100 in credits (First time i have ever won anything above $30 too!) I continued playing for a while and was down around the $2700-2900 area when my game closed and an error popped up on my screen stating Error 0.

I figured it was just a small problem and took the time to get a drink and do a couple things, upon returning and logging back on i logged in fine and as i was moving the mouse to click the game up pops the error again and disconnects me from the server.

I then contacted support via chat and spoke to them trying to work out what the error was, i spoke to someone by the name of Maram which asked me to restart the client, i did this and carried on with his requests, after 3 reinstalls of the client, wiping cookies/cache, restarting twice more and installing the software he asked for me to take a screenshot of the error and send it to them.

The screenshot sent was - http:/­/im­age­sha­ck.u­s/­pho­to/­my-­ima­ges­/80­1/5­924­573­9.jpg/

When logging into my email to send the screenshot i noticed quite a few emails from All Slots stating that my deposit wasn't successful and to try Moneybookers, i asked Maram about why i was getting emails when i only made one deposit which was perfectly fine.

He advised me to check the transaction in my account in the lobby, unfortunately as i hadn't been able to get onto my account since i started talking with him as the Error disconnected me each time i couldn't view it, he then sent me a link to check it which was


I Started looking at my wins and losses and just figured i'd waste some time while waiting for a solution to the error. He asked me to log back in which i did roughly 20 times all in which i would get the Error 0 instantly..

He then asked if i made the deposits and i advised i didn't i only made one which was approved, checking my bank account to verify no duplicates went through i advised him that only the one deposit was made.

A few minutes later he asked if i made a Ukash deposit, i told him i hadn't and i wasn't sure what was happening as he kept telling me that i made the attempted deposits.

I tried logging back in again and was able to, ah finally fixed, however my credits were less than 800 but i figured that it was just a technical error due to the error i was receiving and i'd wait a few minutes before advising it was fixed in case it wasn't.

Shortly after i received the error again, i told Maram this and he asked me to uninstall and reinstall which i did, logged back in and was able to stay logged in for roughly 30 seconds but then noticed my balance in credits was at about 25 cents left, not being able to get in at all now i clicked on the last page on the paycheck while waiting and noticed there was s game which i forget the name to that had been played within the last minute, then i started going through my paycheck properly and noticed that there was a period of Thunderstruck 2 bets that totaled nearly $2000 and some other games that i hadn't even had installed yet let alone the fact that i wasn't able to get into my account for the past 2 hours to even possibly do this which is why i was talking to Support in the first place.

He ignored that question and then advised me that they would be locking the account so there finance team can look at it, and they would get back to me via email, i said that was fine and caught up on some work over the next few hours.

I then jumped on support chat and identified myself to see if there had been any updates as i was itching to play for a bit longer, i got put through to a Mary.

Upon asking if there was any possible updates she stated that the account would be locked, never reopened and i couldn't do anything about it. I asked her to explain as to why i was just suspended out of the blue and was shocked to hear there reasoning being "Negative Activity).

i asked Mary to explain what i had done but then basically was told because i didn't attempt any more payments other than my original one that she would be locking the account permanently and i was unable to get it unlocked.

In shock, actually was it disbelief, amazement that a company could be so reckless, uninformed, unhelpful and in a way stealing my money that i had heard and read so many great reviews about, i got back on chat 15 minutes later and explained the situation to a Jim,

He asked if he understood correctly that from a review of my account that i didn't try to make another deposit on my MasterCard, i advised that i hadn't and the reason it was brought up was due to me receiving emails about deposits failing while clearly locked out of my account talking to a customer service rep earlier.

I confirmed this and got a reply stating "Since you deposited the first 50 credits they will not be voided back, however your account is closed for negative activity and it is under investigation."


I stated i wasn't quite sure what he meant as i couldn't work out what this "negative activity" was for and what the investigation was about to which he replied


"From where the deposit attempts were made, since you stated you didn't try to do another deposit, in addition the 50 credit that you have deposited will be voided back this afternoon and you should receive an email about this."


So at this point I'm wondering how i can go from having over 4000 credits and getting a simple Error that nobody in the All Slots company could tell me what was for to now having a closed account, no credits and Jim asking if there's anything else he can assist with today before he leaves.


Getting quite annoyed at the service, lack of help and one clear intention from the start of just not bothering one single bit by All Slots but i attempt to stay calm and advise Jim once again that i had over 4000 credits in my account which can clearly be proven with the playcheck file and asked if he wanted me to send it to him.

Another top notch customer orientated response from Jim stating "Yes but you only deposited 50 so 50 will be sent back to you, is there anything else i can help you with?"

Back and forth trying to get him to understand the fact that i understand i deposited the 50 but I'm inquiring about my balance that i clearly and fairly won which is proven via playcheck, to that i get the response of "Well if you have any cash balance that will be voided as well"

After another 10 minutes i was now advised that as i only confirmed that i deposited the $50 they will only void that transaction and the other amounts and credits owed are not going to be returned as the account has negative activity. (Still not told what this is)

I have then told him that i'm not worried or asking for any other deposit amounts to be voided as they can't be voided anyway, my bank confirmed once again that only one deposit was authorized and taken, any other deposit attempt that was apparently happening obviously wasn't getting past i believe the CVV check. I then asked to have the contact details of there Finance department so i can forward on some documents, great service again, i guess Jim will just forward it for me he states.

So now it's quite straight forward to me what's going on, i can't seem to think of anything other than that i win a decent amount from a small deposit, all of a sudden i get an error that prevents me from logging on, mind you not a single person at All Slots support knows what this error is or how to fix it, ignore my requests for why my credit balance was lower and just keep telling me to uninstall, reinstall and restart my PC to fix it, delay in replying about my question regarding the emails about deposit failures and then all of a sudden when my account apparently hits 0 balance they snap to it and suspend/hold the account.

Not only that but access was removed from playcheck and cashcheck so i wasn't able to log on, luckily i had a backup, but the most amazing thing happened in chat while i was checking cashcheck, Jim replied....

Apparently now i used a credit card that wasn't in my name, as it's against the casino policy the account will remain locked for good and transaction and funds voided.



Really? Your records and invest­iga­tio­n/s­ystems show the card is registered to someone else? How did i manage to sign up then (Is security that bad) but better yet your releasing details of someone that you think owns this card which i have given the last 4 digits in chat as verification. That definitely took the cake but wait there's more, when i offer to send in proof of the card with my name clearly exactly the same as my account is registered as Jim turns around and states -


Earlier today you stated that you didn't know some transactions and questioned them, which means that you have given someone unauthorized access.

No Jim, it means that i couldn't log in and i questioned as to why my credits were going down when you can clearly see that i can't log on.

At this point i was trying to work out what the next excuse or lie will be from All Slots to avoid paying but i didn't get another one i just got a professional response being "Our Financial department investigated the status of your account and upon that decided to lock and block the account for good, and this decision is final, there is nothing more for me to add and im closing chat."

I shouldn't have to say much more and i have not a worry in the world about taking this further but hopefully i might be able to get someone responding here that has a bit of professionalism to them.

If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me but no doubt you have all the information needed.

Posted on April 3, 2013


I'm currently investigating this, i'll update you when I have some information



Posted on April 4, 2013

Hello Roberto,

Thank you for taking the time to investigate the matter further, i look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,


Posted on April 7, 2013

Still need more time, i'll update you soon...

Posted on April 11, 2013

Still waiting for an update...

Posted on April 12, 2013


I've an update, i've simply copied and paste what the support told me:

The player is using another player's Credit Card. The same games and game pattern that the Card Holder had were exhibited on her account at the time she claims she was kicked out of the casino. This leads us to believe that the holder of the credit card she used at the casino on her account might have access to her account and therefore most likely he is the one who played the funds of.

We as a casino are covered by the general terms and conditions where it states that the player must keep the gaming account credentials secret and the player is the sole responsible for his account security and privacy.

The player was advise of the above fact by support and was told that she can have her account reopened and advised to change her password.

First of all: have you received the above communication from support?t if the support has already updated you, there is no need to ask me for an update...

My opinion: the fact that another person may be using the account is the most probable explanation for credits suddenly going down, as well as impossibility of logging in for long time...

All Slots uses Microgaming software, one of the most stable and reputable gaming software in the world: it is unheard of money disappearing from an account...



Posted on April 12, 2013

Hello Roberto,

The Credit Card linked to my account and the only Credit Card linked to my account is the one that i have taken a picture of which is in the original complaint.


As you can see the Name on it states Karen with the last 4 digits being 6722, if needed i can also provide a bank statement for more proof that it was done on my card.

As im the credit card holder and nobody has access to my account what so ever, also factoring in i only signed up that night, how would it be possible for someone to be "playing the funds off".

I have no doubt that Microgaming is one of the most reputable casino software firms, i also understand you are covered under T&C's that credentials must be kept private and not disclosed to anyone.

Your support section can't even seem to work out the simple fact that my card was used and are trying to make every excuse in the world and blatantly making up lies over and over.

Once again as you can see from the support chat screenshot's the card ending in 6722 was used, if you check the account the card 6722 was registered to the account, on multiple occasions i was able to "Verify" myself in Chat with the last 4 digits of my card, if my card wasn't registered to my account how could you verify me?

if need be like stated i will send through a copy of my card statement showing the transactions, the transcript logs and screenshots of the chat's and also a photo of the card front/back.

As of now support hasn't contacted me but what is opening my account and asking me to change my password going to do?

In 2 weeks of investigating that's the best they could come up with?

Surely you have some sort of logs showing logins, login times and other relevant data.

I also stated in the original complaint the fact that i brought up with Support multiple times that my balance was decreasing, i was noticing games on my Playcheck which i questioned about and was ignored 3 times.

I don't mean to come across sounding rude Roberto as i understand you are basically the middle man between us but if anyone including yourself has a look at the chat transcripts, screenshots and other information relating to my card it is more than evident that the support is extremely incompetent or they are just intentionally making false accusations one after another.



Posted on April 14, 2013


The simplest explanation, is that someone that has access to your computer (or to your login detail) is playing casino games when you are not aware...that's why support closed your account...

Does anybody apart of you have access to your computer? have you ever played casino not at home?

Posted on April 15, 2013

All Slots was the first Casino i had ever signed up & played at and it only happened roughly an hour or two after i registered and deposited.

Yes my family has access to the computer but it's impossible for it to be them as i was on the PC the entire night trying to get a Support Rep to figure out what was wrong, i could understand the possibility of this scenario happening if the issues arose over a few days or a period of time but as i was at the computer basically from the time i signed up until the time i had my account closed it couldn't even of been a option.

Are you able to let me know what the Error i was getting every time i logged on was in regards to?

Posted on April 17, 2013


in playcheck, inside All Slots Casino, you should have all the gameplay you made: it should be quite easy to figure out when and which games were played in your abscence: let me know about this...

The person doesn't need your computer, but login and password is enough...have access to your email address is also a possibility that I wouldn't discharge...



Posted on May 5, 2014

Dear @BDepot,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Please be in aware that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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