LeoVegas Casino - Account verified since one month but LeoVegas still doesn't pay out

posted on December 1, 2015.

I registered at LeoVegas on the 23rd of October 2016. I was new to the world of online casino's. I chose LeoVegas because of the good reviews about their helpdesk.

I played on a slot machine and... yes, beginner's luck! I won a nice amount of money. Within an hour I had a profit that I never made in a real casino before. LeoVegas congratulated me and made me a VIP.

I made a withdrawal of 500 euro to the bank account I registered with, was asked to verify my account and so I did. I received the money within a few days. But then I realized it would be a problem to transfer 4000 to that bank account, since my girlfriend has access to it as well and I can't keep snugging away the written bank statements I receive here. She had bad experiences in the past with a boyfriend who gambled and even though I'm a recreational player (once or twice a year I play in a real casino), she wouldn't understand. Profit or debit, doesn't matter.

So I added my other bank account to LeoVegas (of which I don't receive written statements at home, but online), was again asked to verify which I did and it was added to my player account. I made a withdrawal of 500 euros and it was on my bank account a few days later. Great, so far!

Then I decided to add my credit card as well because I wanted to gamble some more. I made a deposit, played a bit, won a bit and then wanted to withdraw the 4000 to my creditcard. Was once again asked to verify, which I did. Creditcard was added to my account.

But then: my withdrawal was cancelled. I got some lame excuse that it was only possible to make a withdrawal to the bank account I registered with. Ever since, I'm trying to get an explanation for the fact that I WAS able to withdraw to another VERIFIED bank account before and why they made me verify my credit card if it's not possible to withdraw to a credit card.

It's NOT mentioned in the Terms & Conditions. What it says there is:

3.1.11 In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from Your Member Account, You shall only use funds, credit card and other financial instruments that are valid and lawfully belong to You.

It's for almost ONE MONTH now that I'm receiving autoreplies and no one cares to explain me why suddenly they don't wanna pay out anymore. If it were the case from the very first beginning, ok, I would have understood. But they suddenly decided otherwise. They cancelled at least 5 of my withdrawals so far.

I keep receiving autoreplies about fraud protection, but how on earth can this be a matter of fraud when my account and used payment methods are all verified and I was able to withdraw at first?

I filed a complaint, explaining the situation once again, which was answered by the same help desk supporter a few hours later already with yet another autoreply and still NO explanation whatsoever.

To me it feels like they just don't wanna pay out the money that I legally and honestly won. 500 wasn't a problem but when I wanted to transfer the whole 4000, suddenly their rules changed. They can't do that!

I don't know what else to do anymore because either calling or mailing their helpdesk doesn't give me the answers I'm entitled to have and after a month I'm really getting stressed out about the fact they have all my personal info now including my credit card info and my money is still there and not with me. It all feels like a big scam and instead I'm the one who feels treated like a criminal, while they are the ones who act like it.

LeoVegas, not that I have much hopes of you ever being clear and honest with me, I will ask once again: could you finally answer my questions and explain why I was able to withdraw to my second bank account before and why I had to verify that bank account +creditcard if you claim it's not possible to withdraw? Something just smells veeeeery funny here. Please answer me in a private message for my user name at LeoVegas, thanks.

posted on December 4, 2015.

Update: I've been in touch with leoVegas by PM and finally received a proper and personal explanation about what happened.

It's indeed the case that when you win money using bank account A, you can't withdraw your winnings to bank account B even if they're both verified. They will track down your winnings to the same method used as the one you deposited with.

The reason this sounded like nonsense to me was because I could withdraw to B once before. But now I understood that was an error from their side. If Customer Support would have admitted that right away, it would have saved both LeoVegas and me a lot of emails and trouble ;) Same goes for not having this mentioned in the Terms & Conditions in a clear way. I hope they will change that in the near future.

Well, better late than never. I have to point out that the conversation I had here was very polite and I appreciate the personal approach and help that I received. THAT is the LeoVegas customer support I've read about. Thank you so much for that. :)

So yeah, case is solved and I will figure out a way to solve this with my girlfriend. After all, it's still a winning and that's something I do have to point out as well: I guess LeoVegas has great slot machines haha.

Thank you Askgambler for this great website and thank you to the LeoVegas support at here for finally clearing my headache ;)

Kind regards, L.

posted on December 4, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.