Casino Cruise - Account locked with no response as to why. No idea what's happening to my £2,650 withdrawal!

stevenhp United Kingdom
posted on March 9, 2015.

I opened an account last week, deposited £1,000 via Entropay. I got my documents verified etc. and withdraw £1,955 via Entropay.

A few days later (Friday 6th March) I deposited £360 via entropay. After <24 hours of on/off playing, I luckily got my balance to £2,650. I requested this as a withdraw (withdraw id: 1543071338 - If I cannot put this here, please remove, I didn't want to put my actual casino username...).

On Saturday evening I went to check on my withdraw progress to see that my account is locked. I keep getting told on live chat it is a "management decision" and that "management will get back to you". It's now a couple of days later and I have no email, nor any reason for why my account is blocked.

I get the following message: "The login failed. Your user account is blocked. If you are a self excluded user you can contact support for withdrawing money" - I did double check before registering that I wasn't excluded with EveryMatrix, I even have an email from my last EveryMatrix casino, PlayHippo, back in December which states this as I queried this with them at the time. I now notice that that PlayHippo account is also closed due to a "decision by Payments & Risk Department" - From live chat. Not 100% quite sure why, I stopped playing with them and just left the account dormant for is now months. Can I assume these are related somehow? I'm not overly fussed about playing again after the poor customer service on live chat, but I am obviously concerned about my withdraw, When can I expect that to be processed?

So I've no idea why my account is locked. With such a large balance, it worries me when I get locked out for what seems like no reason :/

The fact the casino keep ignoring me on live chat is not helpful. I've no idea what is going on!

stevenhp United Kingdom
posted on March 9, 2015.

I just received this message.


Dear ,

We hope this email finds you well.

I am happy to inform you that your withdrawal has been approved and and transferred and you should be able to see the transaction soon.

On the other hand your CasinoCruise account has been blocked and will stay blocked due to a management decision.

Thank you for playing at

Best Regards

CasinoCruise VIP Manager
suppor­[email protected]­asi­noc­rui­


As this is an Entropay Virtual card, it should take around 1-3 days to process. - as soon as I receive it, I can close this case down!

Many thanks!

posted on March 11, 2015.

We have just been informed from Casino Cruise's management that your withdrawal has been successfully processed on 09/03/2015 from their end. Please confirm if you have already received the funds so that we could close this case.

stevenhp United Kingdom
posted on March 11, 2015.

Funds not yet received, but as already promised, I will update when/if they are.

stevenhp United Kingdom
posted on March 11, 2015.

Money received at 5pm

I have now received my funds, but CasinoCruise locked my account and only stated "management decision".

So be wary of them, it seems they do payout but they will close accounts without giving an actual reason.

Given my treatment by their customer service, I am happy for the account to remain locked and I will play elsewhere.

Case solved (in that I got paid).

posted on March 11, 2015.

What was the reason for Casino Cruise to close player's account is their own decision and we have no doubts it was based on solid arguments.
Player was paid on full, therefore we consider this case as solved. Case Closed.