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Spin Station Casino - Account Locked With Balance £23,300, No Explanation 30 hours later

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Disputed casino Spin Station Casino
Reason Account closure
tennis7878 United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 9, 2016

I joined Spin Station following reading a review on this website. However, I noticed that I had been a member of some of their sister casinos. However, I have always been impressed by the casino's and in past few weeks my situation has dramatically changed and I can have an 'entertainment fund'. But to be vigilant I made contact straight away with live chat and had below conversation

Wed, 10/05/16 11:53:53 am Europe/London
Hello tennis7878. How are you today? I'm here to assist you.
11:54:37 am

hey lasse can I please ask that if I make a deposit I do not receive a bonus because I do not want to be hampered by wagering requirements
11:55:16 am
Before you make a deposit you will be able to decline the bonus offer .
If at any stage you see a bonus on your account please contact us straight away before playing with it so we can remove it.
11:56:00 am

11:56:08 am

okay cool. I have never had an account with yourselves before but have done with hello and 21 casino is it still okay to join

11:56:25 am

11:57:02 am

wonderful thanks I had to self exclude from them but I feel much more at ease with my gaming levels now thank you
11:57:35 am

A very warm welcome to Spin Station and good luck.
Duration: 4m 28s
So, having had this transparency I made deposits and started playing. At one stage I was down £7,500 and I wagered nearly £20,000 and my balance is £23,300, however, yesterday at 1.30pm UK time I tries to log back in and it says user excluded.

I have contacted live chat 6 times over past 30 hours and absolutely nothing, they say they have no info and I will receive an email from accounts. My final chat log below,

Thu, 10/06/16 04:31:17 pm Europe/London

Hello Client. How are you today? I'm here to assist you.
04:31:41 pm

Claudia we spoke 3 hours ago, Tennis7878 Marc Lewis 16/01/1978
I am now starting to be really upset approaching 30 hours of zero communication and over £20,000 gone missing, I will be logging official complaint with all transcripts on both AskGamblers and with UK Gambling Commission. Before I do this can you kindly confirm that still after 30 hours you have no idea what is happening
04:33:22 pm

04:38:46 pm

I can see that this is still with our accounts team and is being dealt with as a matter of priority. I see this is on going and the process can take a bit of time apologies for any inconvenience I can imagine this can be quite frustrating. I will escalate it again and as soon as we receive feedback we'll be in direct contact with you.
Duration: 9m 5s

Despite having trust in this casino provider I feel that I have been very patient and have no other option but to log this complaint officially with AskGamblers

Posted on October 11, 2016

Hi Marc (tennis7878),

You have previously self excluded from our brands and gaming license. You registered an account with different credentials this is why you passed our barriers.

As soon as your account was reviewed, your previous self exclusion flagged up and your £20,000 deposit was the immediately sent back to your payment account. Our compliance, risk team and payment processors have all verified this with evidence which is now with ask gamblers .

Best wishes
Spin Station support

tennis7878 United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 11, 2016

Dear Sirs,

Many thanks for your communication. This is the exact reason why I have used a neutral unbiased platform such as AskGamblers to show this complaint.

As you can see from live chat transcript before making a deposit I specifically sought live chat help to say I had been a client of hello casino and 21 casino and that I had self excluded but was at ease with my gaming levels now.

Lasse(chat agent) read everything and sad yes I could indeed have account and wished me luck. The evidence is thankfully all written above.

So, if I had been dishonest and secretly opened account and played then I would have no complaints for confiscated winnings, however, I specifically sought advice before any deposits were made because I wanted account to be honesty/transparent.

When I was £7,500 down my account was not locked and funds very active it was only locked when I was in profit
so the £3,300 winnings should be honoured otherwise what is the point of having a live chat service if the information is so off the mark!!



Posted on October 11, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence from the casino management to confirm the fact that player obviously didn't registered and played in a good faith and was in fact trying to put himself into a win win scenario with the casino relying on his previous history of multiple self-exclusion across their casino network and other casino groups as well by registering with different personal details.

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards player trying to play unfair and that is why this case is being rejected and player's account is being suspended for indefinite period of time.

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