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en - Account frozen for 4 days non helpful staff

Complaint Info
Disputed casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount £ 2300
ukspinner United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 11, 2014

hello there,

I recently took advantage of one of many offers..

after successfully meeting all the wagering requirements and in the process earning myself vip status.

I have since tried to make a withdrawal and I get told to produce a passport and all the other required documentation.

I did so last after the 8th email I have sent them i get told due to my passport being 3 months out of date they can not verifyy account. bare in mind I sent them a letter from hm revenue and customs dated this month just to show I am who I say I am.

I have the following problem which I have just this minute relayed to them...I dont drive so have no driving licence. in the uk I dont believe they issue national id cards so what else am I to do?

I have approx £2,300 waiting to withdraw and I have the ultimate fear they are going to delay things so it eventually runs out of time to withdraw..

you guys are my last hope of actually getting my deserved winnings!

thanks in advance


ukspinner United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 11, 2014

jamie sheriff

Sep 11 19:30

just a little update and further problems from this comical bunch...

today I have phoned them yet again and sent a further 4 emails today asking what else I am to do in order to get my account verified.

while on the phone I asked how much once I have been verified I could withdraw he then said 20.00 I then laughed and said what happened to the 2,000+ he said I didnt meet the wagering requirements. I then told him I recieved an email congratulating me on reaching the wagering requirement. he asked me to forward him which I done 8 hours ago. still no reply and account still locked.

if eventually they reply I will of course keep you updated but its looking bleak...

seems the big fish has scalped another victory against the underdog. I wish there was someway of actually making these scam casinos pay!

thanks for listening


ukspinner United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 12, 2014

just a further update...well there is none.

they have not replied to my 3-4 emails yesterday...

future potential players please look at mine an plenty others situation and take not....this casino is not worth the hassle

Posted on September 12, 2014


We would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

In we take the KYC process with the utmost seriousness as it upholds the integrity and trustworthiness of our operations. These measures are central to compliance with our regulatory requirements relating to player/account KYC. Please rest assured that these measures are applied consistently and genuinely.

This account failed our KYC check which triggered the request for documentation and the account being blocked. As per our general T&C’s at Section 6.5 we are entitled to request documentation and or take measures to restrict accounts at our discretion.

While we understand the player’s frustrations, he has to provide valid documentation for us to review so that we can consider re-opening his account.

We would like to confirm that we now contacted the customer directly with a viable alternative to complete the account verification process.

We have also provided the customer with a detailed explanation clarifying his concern about only being able to withdraw his initial deposit amount.

We would invite him to contact our customer support team should he require any further information about the concerns raised.

Best Regards Team

ukspinner United Kingdom
Posted on September 12, 2014

Thanks for the reply...

i will of course send the birth certificate as per your request.

I will happily get my initial deposit back and go to a more reputable online casino.

thanks again

Posted on September 15, 2014

Hello Again,

Please be advised we have yet to receive the requested document.

Best Regards Team

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