Winner Casino - Account Frozen For Over Two Weeks!

WARDYCHRIS1 United Kingdom
posted on April 1, 2015.


my account has been frozen as I was about to withdraw my 4,141 gbp winnings....this casino has paid me previously so I do not know why they are telling me management are verifying my account for other two weeks now !! I just called up and got the same response and was told no manager was on shift... I asked what the time difference was and what country they work from and the casino rep told me she could not tell me due to security reasons !!! trying to have a conversation with a casino rep and getting information is the most moronic task anyone can ever imagine !! this illiterate person was the latest nail in the coffin ! I have since sent my ID to winner casino as they asked for that too and it was approved and was told any restrictions were now lifted on my account but still I cannot log in and withdraw my funds...can the management at winner casino please let me know what they are checking for the best part of two weeks ?

posted on April 6, 2015.

Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.