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King Billy Casino - Ignoring Responsible Gaming policy and then stealing winnings with unjustified accusations

Posted on January 15, 2018.

I will try to short the story as much as possible.
I had account here, fully verified.
Played one night, lost because there were some issues on their page, causing the balance to get to 0 and then I had to refresh to see it back. So it was impossible to actually win, since i was playing Live roullette.

I did a self exclusion for 6 months on the account.
Few days later, I chill out and said to give a second chance on this casino.

To be sure what are the steps, I opened a live chat with one of their agents.
He told me that the self excluded account won't be usable so if I want to play, I will have to create another one using different IP/E-mail.
Ok, did this.
Deposited 700 euro with Paysafecard, played Bacarrat. Was on 835 euro so i choosed to withdraw ( money were full wagered according to their terms).

The second day, instead of seeing the payout email confirmation, there was nothing.
When I tried to login on my account, It was closed.
I opened again Live chat and they asked me for Selfie+ id. I've offered it in the next minutes.
The reason they said that my account was closed is because I was not able to do a new account. Funny, right?
Since I am not able to contact manager nor security team, we can only chat with support, so that's what I did.
So before i was doing any action, i wanted to be sure that I am fine opening another account....but it seems their support don't even know their own rules.

So I fully trusted the support indications since they must know what they are saying. Each casino got different Rules and Terms so I ocasionally avoid to read everything. I read the most important parts of it.

Here is the first e-mail I've got from their manager. https:­//p­­/hzqaoy

Even their manager confirmed that i was misinformed about creating a new account.
After few chats via e-mail with their manager, they asked me to provide the Paysafecards.

I sent them right away, waiting for an answer.
The next day, after i called Live chat several times, she e-mailed me saying this : http:/­/pr­nts­cr.c­om­/hzqf22

So, these guys are accusing me of criminal activity or whatever they accuse there, because i see no exact reason.
In lack of proofs against me, they prefer to abuse on their own Terms because they are entitled to close an account even if they "suspect" someone!! That's somethig imoral and it's more as a scam by their side. I know pretty well how the small casinos are working, specially the ones from Curacao, Cyprus or Malta...

Asked their support to provide me their phone number or a direct contact with those who took the decision, and the agent logged out!
I am unable to defend myself, I am unable to do anything and just to see how they steal my money.

I've never been in such an awkward situation.
Moreover, they also abuse of AskGamblers reviews, manipulating the customers to give them good reviews. That can be see on their spam e-mails.
I got this message: http:/­/pr­nts­cr.c­om­/hzqgzf like the 3rd time this week.

Please do not allow such scam systems to exist and help real gamblers to fight against them.
According to their Terms, no one can do them nothing!!!

Also, they are smart and chosed to accuse me of fraud because they are not forced to provide proofs to anyone. Or they can come up with anything since my account is closed and i can't post any proof from it.

I'm desperate to find a solution to recover my money since I did nothing wrong!
They don't assume any mistake, because I would never be in this sittuation of i wasn't misinformed. I could easily deposit them to other casino!

Please let me know what other files/ screens i can provide to support my cause.
I am willing to send anything is needed, just ask for it.

Thank you!

Posted on January 15, 2018.

I would like to come with an update.
Today they sent me another e-mail, telling me that the reason is money laundering.


I would like to ask everyone with some morals, how is possible to accuse a player by such a serious thing when I did self exclusion after losing 500+ euro in a day?
How is possible to say such thing when in my new account, I was playing 50-100 euro every hand in baccarrat? I barely won a 130 euro, so since I saw there's no reason to play more, I took the decision to take my money out. Deposit was fully wagered, so there's no point of accusing me for such a thing.

Since I bought the paysafecards, from my pocket, I could have simply kept my money on my pocket right? The purchase of paysafes was with the intention to use them in Casino. Since when is against laws to use my money as I want?

Since when your casino doesn't assume their mistake of letting me create a new account?
Since when the players are responsible for Casino staff mistakes?
None of this would happen if your agents were trained properly. That's what I want to highlight. The only mistake made was by your agent and not by me.
Assume this please and stop accusing your own customers by such serious things!

Posted on January 16, 2018.

Dear AskGamblers,

In reply to the complaint lodged, King Billy Casino states the following:

• The player was under active self-exclusion and this is why he initially asked the agent to “reactivate the account”.
• The player was informed twice that a self-exclusion account cannot be reopened due to casino rules.
• Correspondence between the player and the Head of Support shows that the player is well aware of gambling rules, having mentioned this several times.
• The player states that he has been misled by our agent to reopen the account, which is absolutely not true. Our agent NEVER confirmed to the player that there will be no consequences for him if he reopened his account.
• The player has created 2 accounts at King Billy casino, after account closure, in direct violation of our T & C 3.4.4: “ In the event of closure of Your account because of gambling addiction or if Your account has been closed due to fraud You acknowledge that You are prohibited from opening a new account. Casino will not be liable if you manage to open a new account, for such action nor for any direct or indirect consequential damages. Casino shall have the right to close, at any time, a new account opened in breach of the requirement stated herein”.
• Finally, the player in question was checked in different casinos by the platform provider's Anti-Fraud Department (from whom official confirmation of fraud from the player’s side has been forwarded to AskGamblers). Since we fully rely on our parent company’s Anti-Fraud Department all further questions on this matter should be addressed directly to SoftSwiss / Direx N.V. This is not the type of information to be disclosed here.

King Billy wishes to reiterate its commitment to taking into consideration its players’ needs and priorities and vows to vigorously defend their right to fair and proper gaming. We play fair and we are here to prove it.

Posted on January 16, 2018.

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf King Billy Casino management in regards of this complaint to confirm and justify the casino actions and player's violation of casino terms. The player has registered not one, but two new accounts while the first account is under an active Self Exclusion, and by that act violated casino term #3.4.4:

3.4.4. In the event of closure of Your account because of gambling addiction or if Your account has been closed due to fraud You acknowledge that You are prohibited from opening a new account. Casino will not be liable if you manage to open a new account, for such action nor for any direct or indirect consequential damages. Casino shall have the right to close, at any time, a new account opened in breach of the requirement stated herein.
Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant licensing authority responsible for King Billy Casino.

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