Slot Madness Casino - Having serious troubles with their account authorization form

bayoushark United States
posted on November 9, 2014.

authorization form is unprintable so you can not sign it and fax or email it to accounting ,so that you can cashout winnings, toll free number is not theirs you get some scamers trying to get your credit card number to send you a wal mart rewards card. $387.00 in winnings can't be got

bayoushark United States
posted on November 13, 2014.

my withdraw were declined even though i played through the playthrough ..i were told to email the [email protected] madness . this is foul

posted on November 13, 2014.

Hi bayoushark,

I'm not certain how you're coming up with your claims, but I'll go ahead and address each one...

Regarding the authorization form: There is NO problem with it, it IS printable. There is a 'print' button on the authorization form link AND it works. Whatever issue you may have had was on your end, not ours.

Next, our toll free number is 1-877-797-6920. This is OUR number, has been for years and I can assure you that we're not 'scamers' (your spelling, not mine), and we will never 'send you' (or anyone else for that matter) a WalMart card.

Lastly, we are not honoring your withdrawal simply because you failed to abide by the Terms and Conditions which are made perfectly clear. You used two free chips in a row (without a real money deposit between), which is against our terms. This is why your were denied the withdrawal.


posted on November 16, 2014.

Dear @bayoushark,
Is this resolved?