99 Slot Machines Casino - Really 2 Years for a Withdrawable?

posted on March 25, 2013.

Back in July of 2011 I won $259.01 from 99 Slot Machines. Since the day I won it I have been given every excuse in the book why they couldn't process the withdrawal. First they said they didn't have my verification documents. I ended up sending the full requirements the first time and then a second time.. Then they said they were missing the proof of residence. So I sent that again. Then it was they couldn't read my license. So I sent a much clearer and larger copy of my license. I was told to request the withdrawal in their accounting page. I did. I followed up to make sure my docs were ok and was told yes. At this point they told me it would take 7-10 business days to verify my documents and they would email me when approved. I followed up in 10 business days and they told me the withdrawal was in review. OK. I followed up again in 7 working days - still in review. This went on and on for months. Always being told to be patient I'd have my money soon. Then I was told that they were setting up a new systems for withdrawals and be patient - I would get an email shortly asking me to redo my request for a withdrawal. This took months. Everytime I called they were still setting up a new withdrawal method. I checked with them week, after week, after week. Always being told I would get an email when it was set up. Never did get that email. Finally a couple of weeks ago they told me to select bank wire as an option to receive my money.I would receive an email verifing the withdrawal. So I completed the banking info on the accounting page and requested bank wire as instructed and submitted my request for payment.. I've done this 6 times now and still no money. And no emails the next day. They keep putting the money back in play as a withdrawable balance and the withdrawal request I sumittted was deleted. So what the heck can I do? Again from July 2011 and I still don't have my winnings. Nor an email explaining why I don't have it and why it keeps getting put back as playable money I have copies of all my chats. I received so many apologies and promises I would be gettiing my $ real soon. It's sickening. At two different times a MANAGER was to contact me. Back in 2012 and just recently. No manager ever did and I wrote a very detailed report and sent it to him right away after seeing my $$$ back in play the 4th time. So-I kept all records, I still never heard from a manager, still do not have my $$ and my money is back as a playable balance once more. I don't know what to do. HELP!