99 Slot Machines Casino - outstanding withdraw

teri01666 Canada
posted on May 7, 2013.

99slot machines; ok i been depositor at all these guys sister casinos as well as 99slot machines casino. now i want to make withdraw back few months ago i was told to send in my faxback form then they can proceed with the withdraw

. ok i sent my faxback 3-4weeks ago from today and they said allow 10business days for the approval...

its been well over 10 business days and now the withdraw still being declined i contacted the manager about this and they say allow 10 business days but that was over ten business days.

i get the feeling these guys are trying to make every excuse they can come up with to NOT PAY a customer.

please help me they are constantly declining my withdraw and they tried saying its ten business days.

also allow their system to update; they also said they have high volume of withdraws at moment and thats why its a slow process...

teri01666 Canada
posted on May 14, 2013.

still no word from these guys if they cant reach in their pockets and payout a small withdraw how can these guys stay open seriously...what are they doing open ..come on i redeemed my lil 6.18 comp points and won enough to cashout 50.00 ...its been this long and this far these guys dont pay customers at all