99 Slot Machines Casino - no deposit bonus

posted on November 30, 2013.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Upon playing your sight in this casino i checked with one of your agents Joyce and advise her if I play this and if I playthrough the 3000 can I keep the money she had advised me i could so I played and have $100 left after the playthrough, this no deposit bonus was given to me bonus blast and stated no deposit free winme100.

When i went to take the money out a rude agent went on the line Jermimeh and I tried tio explain to her but rudely she cut me off then another agent Eyze did the same did not allow me to speak.

I have been on other casino sight but never so rude like your i will be getting in contact with Obsudman regarding this this is not right you can not do this then decline the person i am an honest person if you can contact me that would be great you have my details on the slo99 register.

thank you for you time in this matter likely i did not put any money in your casino sight that it so wrong you are so silly you give your sight such a bad name


PS thank you for the birthday present this was a really big horrible surpirise