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888 poker [email protected] wont pay me my money

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 888 Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

i won in total over $900.00 in 888 poker so i tryed to take out $700.00 in bank transfer after 10 days of not hearing from them i spoke to someone on live chat who gave me the following email address operat¬≠ion¬≠[email protected]¬≠ass¬≠ and told me these are the people who handle the money, i emailed them and they asked me to confirm my i. d i sent them a recent bill, my forklift lic and an old passport, after a few days they emailed me back saying bill was ok but they needed drivers lic or recent passport, i emailed them back stating that i never had these items and i dont have a birth cert either plus i then emailed them a recent pay slip, letter from australian gov, tax notice letter from my landlord plus they have my bank details and after stating i had no recent passport , drivers lic or birth cert they emailed me back saying please send birth cert....its been 18 days of emailing these gooses when i know a friend took money out had to send no id at all and he even spelt his name wrong and he still got his money so i cant understand why i cant get my they scam some people at random or what...i would be telling people to be careful of 888 poker in future as by the look of it ill never see my money so the only thing i can do is get money back into my acc and loss it what a BIG JOKE 888 POKER AND operat¬≠ion¬≠[email protected]¬≠ass¬≠ is... be carefull anyone who plays poker and wants to take out money cause if like me you dont have much id you will never get your money in cash, hopefully i can at least get money put in my account so i can lose it and join a different poker site who will pay out any money i might have in my account, i can not beleave this what a waist of time playing to win and an even bigger waist of time and 12 emails for no result...18 days waiting and counting on get money for nothing

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