888 Caisno Withdrawals

posted on December 21, 2010.

888.com are currently doing the free spins promotion i joined and won around £350. i decided to keep £200. so knowing i have to deposit before i can withdraw i deposited £20. i later try to withdraw £200 but it got declined and here is what they said i can not believe it! apparently it is in the t&c's but when i was registering the chat poped up with an online rep telling me if i signed up right away she would give me extra bonuses, which i did and recieved more free bankroll wich i spent. however they need to make it more clear to people in the advertising. it is not right. heres what was said in the chat :

Thank you for choosing 888casino

Thank you for using Live Chat. When you are finished, please press the 'Close' button.

Elena I. (Listening)

Elena I.: Hi, my name is Elena I.. How may I help you?

Elena I.: Welcome to 888casino Live Chat! We are glad to be of service. Please hold a moment whilst I try to locate your 888casino account with your given email address.

an*****[email protected]*****k: i am trying to withdraw £200 but it has declined why is this?

Elena I.: Please confirm the answer to the security question you selected when you registered your account. The security question you chose was: your pet's name?

an*****[email protected]*****k: #######

Elena I.: Thank you Antony

Elena I.: after reviewing your account, I could see that the reason for which your cashout was declined

Elena I.: is that you still have wagering requirements

Elena I.: the Welcome Bonus that you received

Elena I.: comez with a wagering requyirements of 30 times

an*****[email protected]*****k: why i have allready deposited £20 what i have to deposit 30 times??

Elena I.: no, you do not need to deposit 30 times

Elena I.: you need to wager (bet) the amount of the Bonus that you received for 30 times

Elena I.: meaning:

Elena I.: 20 GBP * 30 times = 600 GBP

Elena I.: you can also check this on: http:/­/ww­w.8­88c­asi­no.c­om­/ca­sin­o-p­rom­oti­ons­/ne­w-p­lay­ers­-pr­omo­tio­ns/­wel­com­e-b­onu­s.htm

Elena I.: were at the bottom of the page I will please ask you to click on Terms&Conditions

Elena I.: in order to see how much does every game you play

Elena I.: counts towards the wagering requirements

Elena I.: the same with the 11 GBP bonus that you also received

Elena I.: except that this bonus has a wagering requirements of 40 times:

Elena I.: 11 GBP * 40 times = 444 GBP

Elena I.: overall, your wagering requirements were 1044 GBP

an*****[email protected]*****k: what that is mad i would have never joined this should have been made more clearly

Elena I.: and I can inform you that you still need to wager 615 GBP

Elena I.: This is made very clearly on the site, and you agreed to this when you agreed with the Terms&Conditions

an*****[email protected]*****k: it is not made clear. i am distaught by this it is not alike any site i have used before, and of which i play alot sky casino. i will be making this clear to all of my followers on social networking and other online casino's

Elena I.: I am very sorry that you feel this way, but all this information can be found on the site

an*****[email protected]*****k: : i think 888 casino is a compleate con and cant wait to tell others. i understand that but the speen in which you try to get people to join it could have been made so much clear.

Elena I.: We thank you for your feedback, and please let me assure you that I will send it to the relevant department

Elena I.: we would very much want you to have a nice experience playing at our casino

Elena I.: and every suggestion that you make will help us improve things