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7Regal Casino - Notarized ID not being received and terrible customer support

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 7Regal Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on July 28, 2014

Hello I would like to mention that the above casino are making life and everyone elses life a complete misery by there overzealous verification requests. Notarised ID is a very costly and time consuming task and as I have read on various other complaint about this group of casinos (ie winner, casino del rio etc.) they seem to be not getting NI in the post to their registered address in the philipinnes even after the items have been tracked ! what more can the customer do ??? I have got my item tracked to the philipinnes a month ago and it arrived in the philipinnes over a MONTH ago but the casino have not received it. but it is the sheer lack of customer service on 7regal casino that bothers me....I asked them to contact the local post office to see where the parcel is but they tell me they will not do just for one parcel !!! great customer service guys !! then after I told them I had no faith in them getting the NI again if sent, I then suggested I scan the original notarised docs over in an email and they could contact the solicitor who would confirm it was me in person that was present before him when the docs were notarised...but again NO they would accomodate that !!! It just seems like a clear delaying tactic not too pay their customers so I DEMAND they accept the NI via email as I will not be paying in excess of 150gbp to get my ID notarised plus the 20gbp tracked shipping charge.

If I had not read such negative feedback from other mediation forums regarding this group and peoples ID not being delivered I would not have hesitated to send again but there is just too many instances with other players experiencing the same problem as me.

All I ask is for 7Regal to be a bit more accomodating and understanding with this subject as at the moment they could care less about the customer it feels.

Posted on July 28, 2014

Dear @WELLMAN85,
Any update?

Posted on July 30, 2014


We in the 7regal Casino team strives to provide the best possible assistance and customer service to all our customers and we are here to give you some update about the status of the Notarised documents you have sent.

We would like to inform you that as a licensed business under the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), an international gaming licensing and regulatory authority, all gaming operators such our casino, need to fall in line with regulatory requirements such as age verification and Money Laundering and Fraud prevention policies.

7regal casino take the steps it finds necessary in order to ensure that our customers are totally safe and feel confident with the products to the services we render. Though we understand that this process can be inconvenient and we apologize for this however these documents are needed to confirm and verify our customers identity.

Upon checking with the local post office and the delivery center, we were finally able to receive the documents you have sent to us. We have validated these documents and that it is no longer necessary to send the same papers again to us. You may now proceed in requesting for another withdrawal on your account.

Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your winnings!

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