7Red Casino - No payout after more than10 days!

posted on December 15, 2012.

On the 4th of December I started playing a few games at 7Red Casino and with some luck I earned a 'few' Euro's.

So since Christmas was coming I decided to cash out. I asked for a wire transfer and emailed them all the details they needed.

After a few days I still hadn't received my money, so I asked 7Red Casino the current status. They said it was processed on the 5th of December and the money would be in my account within a day or 2 (because weekend was in between).

So far, everything is understandable, however a week later I still hadn't received my winnings. So I emailed them again. This time they said something went wrong with their financial department and they wanted screenshots of my bank account to check if I really hadn't received my money. So I emailed them the required information.

And guess what... It's now the 15th of December and I still haven't seen any money that I won with 7Red Casino. It's starting to feel like a scam. They also said if I didn't receive my money today (the 15th of December) I should re-contact them, but guess what? Dutch support is not available in the weekend. Sheesh...

I have been an online (occasional) gambler for many years now, but this payout experience with 7Red Casino is the worst of the worst! They do not pay out and only make up excuses not to pay.

I already told them I would share this experience with other people, but probably they don't believe me, however they are wrong.


Because of this experience I cannot recommend 7Red Casino to anyone. What is the use to play in an online casino when they do not pay out? Right... That's what we really call 'money down the drain'.

posted on December 21, 2012.

Dear Michel,

7Red pay-outs are the fastest online.

We have thousands of clients playing with us and its the first time in over 2 years of operation we get a feedback like yours.

In your case there was a problem with your Swift and IBAN details.

Below is your wire confirmation.

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with our service.



HBCI EURO wire transfer Purpose:


t: 17:20 KD 0000007876 TAN



michel XXX XXX XXXXXX-1,000.00