7Kasino doesn`t pay my winnings

posted on January 27, 2014.

Hello! On January, 17 I opened an account in 7kasino and got 10 eur as no deposit bonus offer. After I did a deposit 20 EUR and than meeted the wagering requirements (wagered all my bonus amount) . On January, 18 I requested withdrawal of a 231 euro. Since to no information from 7kasino. On my emails does not answer, live - chat does not work ...complete silense. I think that they do not want to pay my winning simply...

posted on January 28, 2014.

Yes!!! Today live-chat is work!!! But no reason for happy! Please, will look my correspondence in live-chat:

You are now chatting with 'jennifer'

jennifer: hi how may i help you

Aliaksandr Huchko: Hello

Aliaksandr Huchko: my username is rekozhor

jennifer: Ok moment please

jennifer: iam checking

jennifer: Ok

jennifer: i see you

jennifer: ask for withdrawal

Aliaksandr Huchko: yes

jennifer: the problem is that you play with the bonus and Roulette and slots

jennifer: and this is forbidden

jennifer: the bonus is only for slots machine

Aliaksandr Huchko: but I wagered in slots

jennifer: Yes but you played with roulette also

jennifer: and this is prohibited

Aliaksandr Huchko: I played in roulette a small time

Aliaksandr Huchko: I wagered in slots my bonus

jennifer: Doesnot matter

jennifer: no no

jennifer: you cant play with the bonus and slots and roulette

jennifer: the bonus is for slots only

jennifer: !!

Aliaksandr Huchko: i dont know about

jennifer: So now you know

jennifer: and please make me favor

jennifer: stop thinking that we are casino of fake

jennifer: or casino that dont pay our players !!!

Aliaksandr Huchko: I requsted withdrawal on 18,January!!!

Aliaksandr Huchko: no answer via email....live-chat doesn`t work

Aliaksandr Huchko: Whats I must think????

jennifer: sir

jennifer: we take time to answer

jennifer: but i guess that yes we sent you email

jennifer: already

jennifer: maybe you didnt got it

Aliaksandr Huchko: I didn`t get your email

Aliaksandr Huchko: where are can find this information in your Terms?

Aliaksandr Huchko: that I cannot play in a roulette

Aliaksandr Huchko: when I have a bonus?

Aliaksandr Huchko: are you here?

Aliaksandr Huchko: Hello?????

Aliaksandr Huchko: are you there?

Aliaksandr Huchko: I will show our correspondence on the web-site askgamblers.com

Aliaksandr Huchko: if you dont answer me now!!!

Aliaksandr Huchko: Today 28 January already! And I dont have no money and no information about my money!!!

jennifer: you have info

jennifer: will resend you email

jennifer: ok ?

Aliaksandr Huchko: OK

Aliaksandr Huchko: and I want see in Terms and conditions that I cannot play in Roulette when I have a bonus!

Aliaksandr Huchko: and that I cannot wagered my bonus after playing in a Roulette

Aliaksandr Huchko: Ok?

Aliaksandr Huchko: I made screen shot your Terms and Conditions now

jennifer: w ewill show you

jennifer: i have other players to take sorry

jennifer: have nice day

Aliaksandr Huchko: ok bye


After .... I see that my account was block.... :-(

posted on January 29, 2014.

No emails from 7kasino , livechat doesnt work again (how I think doesnt work for me only). Account is blocked. So I can say that 7kasino is rogues!!!