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Lucky Red Casino - 66 Dollars withdrawal denied

Posted on March 14, 2015.

I won 700 dollars at lucky red casino, i did do the bonus requirement and was ready for the withdrawal.
A couple of days later i got contacted by the cashier, i was gonna confirm my address and send some pictures of my ID, bank and address.
As i have nothing to hide i send all. Days go by they keep written they cant see the document because of bad pixel ( on my computer i see it perfect ).
Then a email says they could not confirm my address.
My street and town both have a letter Ø in the name, i tried to explain that Ø on danish is the same as OE in english, so my street is Østerbrogade and i write on the account ( because it's english ) Oesterbrogade.
And that is the right way to do it.
But after that the next email i got was:
Unfortunately your withdrawal has been declined and your winnings have been voided as the terms and conditions of the casino were not followed, you did not provide full and accurate details when you created your account.
But also one email i got they tried to give me a documents i should hand write and send it to them. I told them i never heard of this or seen any other casino do this, With all my documents
confirming who i am, hand written should not be part of this. The next mail they seems to forgot they even asked for this, even that i filled it online and send it. Like they just want to use stuff to delay the account approvel.

Hope u can read what i'm saying. My english aint the best :)
-Casper Meyer

Posted on March 11, 2015.

Hi Casper, thank you for taking the time to raise your complaint here.

Looking into your situation and after speaking with our cashier team I understand that the address you provided on sign up differed to the documents provided when it came to cashout.

The address was already identified as incomplete and the 4th time of requesting the correct documents you provided the full information which differed from the address you provided when you signed up.

As a result of this, the terms of the casino were broken, specifically...

12. The player is required to provide their complete, current and full personal details, including a phone number where they can be contacted. Incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent information may result in the player’s account being closed and any bonuses and winnings being removed.

The decision to void winnings was not based around the use of Ø or OE or the spelling of Oester­bro­gad­e/Ø­ste­rbr­ogade.

Should you wish to discuss further, please make contact with our 24/7 customer service team who will be happy to assist further.

Posted on March 11, 2015.

I think i know what u mean, when i go back i see my account details i forgot the house number,
But i forgot it, wasnt like i made fake account or anything, i forgot that single number, rest of the information street, name, phone, city and mail was correct, we are only humans and yea i forgot 1 single number and u ban my account?
"may result in the player’s account" the may in that line dosent matter, since i made one of the smallest mistake u can make with a signup.
Mby next time contact me, say that i forgot the number when i made the account like all other good workers at a casino will do and then add it in or just add it in now, but ban me seems so damn extreme
Im not a fake i shared all documents i had ID, bank, address verify. i tried to send u all i got, so u can see im real and not trying to brake any of your rules.
If u use that information i gave you and used personfinder, it will pop right up, wasnt like i was hidding because i didnt write number. it was a little mistake i forgot

- Casper Meyer

Posted on March 11, 2015.

Addition: We forgot to mention that the money won was from a free spins promotion code which had a max cashout of 10x the free spins bonus amount ($6.60). In this case, the maximum withdrawal is $66. No actual deposit has been made by the player and the full $700.23 was not cashable.

We are sorry that you feel aggrieved by this ruling and we can understand why. However, we must treat all our customers in the same way with regards to the terms and conditions of the casinos.

We get countless accounts created on a daily basis whose aim it is, is to manipulate the bonuses on offer by the casino. Editing or not including full contact details is perceived by these kinds of players to be a way to be able to claim multiple bonuses, across multiple accounts and avoid detection by our fraud and risk team.

Forgetting or not including any part of your contact information whether it's on purpose or not, still constitutes a break in the previous term highlighted above.

These same checks are in place to help protect against fraud and identity theft, which is why we stick to them and enforce them when terms are broken, no matter how trivial you may think it is. They are there to help protect you and us.

Providing full and correct information when you signed up would have prevented any problems, but unfortunately the decision has been made by the casino and we cannot further act upon this or change that decision.

Again, sorry you experienced was not as expected but I hope we've gone some way to explain why it's necessary to stick to the terms and conditions of the casino?

Posted on March 11, 2015.

You say this like u had no choice at all but to ban me. But u had, but since money was involved in this, best thing is to ban me right :) u could be a human and see ALL details was correct except one, the one i didnt write, i understand if i write a total made up number, but i simple forgot it, HUMAN error, i know the different between exploit/fake account and one simple error.
I just searched the forums, and i found post where phone number was incorrect but casino correct it and now all is good ( he could not withdrawal aswell ) So u threat people differently apperently. just on the mood u got that day u receive the info?
And for the Bonus, a simple denied withdrawal and a message saying why i cant take that money out will do it, i made sure i played the bonus free before making the withdrawal, thats part of the cashiers job. So please stop making "new" problems. Mby the next post one more problem will show up u forgot to tell me about.

i understand u need to

Posted on March 11, 2015.

"i understand u need to" was a error, not part of the post

Posted on March 11, 2015.

Again, the complaint you refer to the player provided incorrect information and also had the same terms applied.

Money is involved, $66. However that is not a concern, the fact is that full contact information was not provided therefore breaking the terms and conditions.

We are not saying that you are fake or trying to exploit the casino and it's bonuses, what we are saying is that the rules are in place to prevent the people that do try and exploit the casino. As a result we have to stick by them for every player, we have no way of identifying what type of character you are and the best way for us to protect our players is to have these terms in place.

These terms are not directed at you specifically, so please do not feel that we're targeting you. Cashier made contact with you confirming if the details given were correct on the second attempt at confirming your document, you confirmed they were. However, it took two further attempts, on the 4th attempt the full address was provided which did not match the details given when you signed up. You checked (or had the opportunity to check) the information you provided and you confirmed it was correct. Unfortunately it wasn't complete information.

We do not wish to cause any arguments, we're just trying to define what caused this outcome and try to explain fully. The addition was included as it is important information regarding your complaint, the amount in question here is not $700 but $66 due to the bonus restrictions on the no deposit free spins code you claimed.

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