7 Sultans Casino does not pay me my winnings

versace44 United Kingdom
posted on December 10, 2013.

7Sultans casino did not pay me my winnings (2500e) after I played there and was lucky to win. They made accusations implying I played in connection with other unnamed accouts which is not true. It seems this is the standard excuse they use to keep players winnings these days. There was a wellknown similar case at Casinomeister recently.

I do not know if they find any decency to discuss the case here and act in the right way. Anyway, I would like to have my winnings restored.

The emails I sent them have been left without any reply, which is surprising by itself.

posted on December 10, 2013.


It is interesting to see that you state that we implied that you are linked to other accounts when we definitely did not do so in any of our communication with you.

The "well-known similar case" you refer to on Casinomeister relates to a player who contravened our Terms and Conditions and played large bets on table games and then moved on to meet the wagering requirements by placing very small bets on slot games.

Our Terms and Conditions clearly forbid this and this is exactly what you did as well.

If you read through the whole thread on Casinolmeister you will see that CM ruled in our favour.


Head of Operations

Fortune Lounge

posted on December 10, 2013.

I have also checked all our correspondence with you and every single mail you sent was answered unless you mailed us after 28 November which is the last record of mail received from you

versace44 United Kingdom
posted on December 10, 2013.

Dear Wim,

Thank you for your reply. There is some confusing information, so let me point out several facts.

1. Here is the initial reply I received to my question about account being locked:

"I have reviewed your account and I regret to inform you that your account has been locked by our Player Security Company.

Unfortunately they have advised us that certain discrepancies have been located on your account as well as other accounts on the Casino system. Regrettably as result of an investigation that has been done the accounts have been locked and it has been advised that they will remain locked."

Yes, this did sound like implying being linked to other accounts.

And no, this did not sound like "played large bets on table games and then moved on to meet the wagering requirements by placing very small bets on slot games."

2. That`s true that I received a reply on 28/11 after sending my initial reply for the second time. I am sorry, I had forgotten about it. It was of the kind that "we may deregister or exclude you if we wish to". Can`t really comment here.

3. Now, the most important part, the Terms. You say that I "played large bets on table games and then moved on to meet the wagering requirements by placing very small bets on slot games", which is what the "Terms and Conditions clearly forbid".

If someone reads your current Terms it will seem that this is true. However, before opening my account on 4/10/2013 I checked the Terms and saved a copy of them. The Terms at that time did not forbid playing the way I did. Just for the record, I received the bonus and played on the very same date. I have not broken ANY of your Terms and Conditions.

I`d also like to note that your "version" and "last updated" information in the Terms is incorrect and misleading.

4. Here are the Terms under which I signed up and played:


5. It is pretty much obvious I played within the rules of your Casino and I hope that the information I provide is sufficient to have my account reopened and withdrawals processed. I believe the community will also be happy to see a casino act reasonably.

versace44 United Kingdom
posted on December 10, 2013.

Here is a more convenient way to view the Terms than from that picture hosting I used:


posted on December 12, 2013.


The link that was referred to related to you playing in exactly the same way as several other players played - placing large bets on table games and then moving on to meet the wagering requirements on slots by placing small bets on slot games.

You refer to the thread in Casinomeister which also related to an issue before our terms were changed to be very specific. At the time our terms referred only to irregular play. As in the Casinomeister case the manner in which you played was regarded as irregular and was dealt with in the same manner. As handled extensively in the Casinomeister thread we stand by our comments and will not be commenting on this matter any further.



versace44 United Kingdom
posted on December 13, 2013.

There is no such thing as irregular play, unless you define it in your Terms. Actually, what`s irregular is stealing legitimate winnings using vague excuses. I made ******­***­***­***­20e­***­***­***­***­***­???­???­???­???­???­???­???­???­??????? bets on slots - what`s so criminal about that? Normally, you would be paying players with any betting style on play that took place before the change in Terms. That is, if you were aiming at running an honest reputable operation.

This is actually a FOURTH variation of the "reasons" you give for keeping my money.

Well, I guess FL lives up to its reputation once again. And so did Casinomeister, by the way.