7 Sultans Casino - 'Tracking' a missing payment for 97 days!

posted on July 12, 2015.

I cashed out $1060 CAD on April 6 2015 via "Swift" i.e. a wire transfer. I never received the money. 7 Sutans has been playing games with me for 97 days now saying they will trace the wire then saying they won't...I have had hours on the phone and over 150 emails about this. Why on earth won't they trace the wire? I even provided a bank statement signed by my branch manager - showing I never got the money. What can I do? They also stole $250 out of my account last week saying while they are tracing the wire (97 days of tracing the wire now) they are freezing my account. Please help!! I didn't hit a jackpot here this about $1300 of my own money. Help, please !!!!

posted on July 15, 2015.

Hi valihiora

Please send me your e-mail address or account number to [email protected]­for­tun­elo­ung­e.com so I can investigate the issue.



posted on July 15, 2015.

I sent you my email address. You know what really disgusts and sickens me - we're at 99 days now, 25 phone calls and something like 200 emails. I've asked maybe 50 times - formally for this to be escalated to management and simply get someone that can help me (the way you setup your support dept is quite diabolical, you get a different support person with every call or email so you always start at square 1 and they NEVER follow up on anything they say they will do. 99 days to trace wire? I'm of the opinion now 7Sultans is a flat out scam. Till I get my money how could I think otherwise? Please trace the wire. We're on day 99.