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Complaint Info
Disputed casino 7 Spins Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 200
pillatus4 Switzerland Message
Posted on July 23, 2014

This casino is dishonest because it gains flying by all players and any pretext, when I visit this Casino AskGamblers on the site, I registered and deposit my money and I earn it small $ 200 ers, after having to abide A. Z all the conditions of casinos.

unfortunately the last time I made a withdrawal request, lies and obstacles begin, I show you in the days to come all the e-mails that casinos send me, and I let people judge them even the reality of this casino.

Please AskGmablers must clean your prestigious and respectable of these casinos that theft of documents and refuses to pay the joeurs ..

pillatus4 Switzerland Message
Posted on July 15, 2013

reading e-mail responses and requirement are supposedly conditions 7Spins casino question, and given the number of times (03) three times, they accept my withdrawal, but cancels it and returns it to my balance once the 72 hours ending in the settlement to pay the winnings of a player ..

7Spin, utulise this practice, and many other mensongeries to abuse players to lose their time and their money. to send documents, and wait 72 hours to see the withdrawal given to the scale, returns repeatedly ...

no matter even if you have met all wagering requirements, analysis, and documents sent, even if everything is good player side. know that the casino utulise methods ( to a winner and never pay these gains in circles.

I discovered this casino through the official website AskGambler. I very much regret that 7Spins is on the normal list.

to get an idea on vigillance to take before I play this casino is to read some e-mails mensongerie and false promises that I received to casino.

200 eur. Since June is a day to pay.

Posted on July 17, 2013

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention,

As known, requesting documentations is necessary in order to verify the identity of a member and also to avoid fraud, While these documents are not complete our accounting division will not be able to process the withdrawal and as a result the request will be returned to the members' account.

Pillatus4 failed to provide the necessary payments details along with some of the necessary documents required which lead to the aforementioned process.

On July 15th 2013 after complying with the requested documents Pillatus4 was submitted to the random verification process due to security alert as he had logged in from different countries which are not consisting of the info he provided us with.

Once this process is complete Pillatus4 will be notified of the outcome, his corporation is vital in order to complete the process and issue the payment to the rightful account holder.


7 Spins Casino

pillatus4 Switzerland Message
Posted on July 17, 2013

We need to stop finding excuses to postpone the payment of my winnings.

you have received all the available documents you ask me, and you confirm you have received the documents and complete the verification procedure. BRIEF ...

Against you by evoke a detail that does not exist in any casino or any regulations or, your "process" random verification due to a security alert. '"

Incredible but true. another excuse.

I listen well to be honest I pay my gays 200EUR please you have to rule that I am, my account too, and I meet all the conditions and put your casino.

I ask one thing MY GAINS. and if I was on vacation and I'm playing free to play at any casino. The most important for me ç'est meet wagering in casinos and those of the general.

done to you 7Spins to meet your obligations.

Posted on July 18, 2013

Dear Pillatus4

Thank you for your prompt response,

Please note that you are currently subject to a verification process, according to our terms and conditions, namely paragraph 7.11, which explains that a thorough investigation is required with the sole purpose of ensuring the legitimacy of the account holder and avoiding any fraudulent activity.

As stated in the aforementioned paragraph, the verification process significantly depends on the security level set by our Risk and Security Dept. Since your activity logs placed you in a different country than the one you provided us with, we believe an additional security check-up was necessary in this situation.

Rest assured that 7Spins Casino has the best intentions of offering first class member experience, especially when handling withdrawal requests. Once all requirements are met and the verification process is completed we are looking forward to expedite your withdrawal request,

We thank you in advance for your comprehension and cooperation


7Spins Casino

pillatus4 Switzerland Message
Posted on July 18, 2013

Again, verification ... I do not know what to tell you except one thing: Stop making me turn around and pay me my winnings please

Posted on July 22, 2013

Dear Pillatus4

One of our main goals is to provide an exceptional gaming experience to all our members and at the same time guarantee their safety and security while depositing and/or withdrawing their funds, this is why certain procedures are implemented.

Note that throughout the course of the week a resolution of the verification process you are subject to will be delivered by our security and management team at which point our accounting division will be able to review your withdrawal accordingly.

We thank in advance for your understanding


7Spins Casino

pillatus4 Switzerland Message
Posted on July 22, 2013

I am very disappointed to wait for days and weeks without receiving my withdrawal, 200 ers earned 7Spin casino.

I have a clear conscience because I have all the same rules and meet all the conditions of your casino, Mises observe, document send.

it is for you to prove your reputation of fair play, as well as your commitment to provide the best conditions for players.

in a word, let me please ask you to pay me my winnings, and respect your delays of payments, and do not hinder the procedure when it comes to withdrawal request.

Posted on July 23, 2013

Dear Askgambler.

We are pleased to inform that the verification process has been completed successfully and our accounting division have processed pillatus4 withdrawal request accordingly to his selected payment method as we are now certain the funds will be delivered to the right account holder.

We are now awaiting confirmation via email from Pillatus4 that the funds have been received.


7Spins Casino

Posted on July 24, 2013

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the player via email that their complaint has been successfully resolved.

The case is being officially closed now.

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