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All Slots Casino - 32.000 confiscated

Complaint Info
Disputed casino All Slots Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 32000
Posted on August 26, 2014

I created an account at All slots casino last month. I made several deposits and got many bonuses. They offered me several bonuses and I deposited big (usually the max amount) for a lot of them. Then one day I log in and have a pop up about a 100% to 1000 vip bonus. I deposit 1000 and end up winning about 32.000 euros. I ask for a withdrawal for 5000. 2-3 days later after I have not heard from the casino, I try to log in and get a message that my account is closed temporarily. I talk to live chat and they say my account was locked and my money confiscated for discrepancies found. At first the give me no reason saying it a decision by the security department, then they connect me to a pit boss and he says that I breached the terms by sharing information with other players in the network. I don't even know what that is. I have deposited more than 5-6 thousand to the casino in the past month and always played big. They send me mails about bonuses etc. and then when I win they take my money essentially without explanation. I don't know what to do.

I am attaching pasting the live chat conversation below.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
'Anson' will be helping you with your query. We’d appreciate your feedback on our service in the survey after the chat.
Anson: Hi Alina
Alina Nica: hello, I tried to log in to my account today and see a message that my account was temporarilily locked
Alina Nica: I recently won a big amount and requested a withdrawal for 5000
Anson: One moment please
Anson: You account was closed by the player security department due to discrepancies found
Alina Nica: what does that mean?
Anson: That similarities were found on numerous casino accounts Alina
Alina Nica: what does that have to do with me?
Anson: It is your accounts Alina
Alina Nica: I only have one account what do you mean accounts?
Alina Nica: you there?
Anson: This comes from the player security department Alina
Alina Nica: can you put me through to someone who can explain this? I have deposited more than 5k over the past weeks. and I always play big. and now I win and suddendly there is some problem with my account?
Alina Nica: and you dont me what?
Alina Nica: what similarities ? with who or what i dont understand
Anson: I will be right with you Alina
Anson: One moment for my Pittboss Alina
Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Jay'.
'Jay' will be helping you with your query. We’d appreciate your feedback on our service in the survey after the chat.
Jay: Hi Alina, my name is Jay and I am the PitBoss on duty at the moment. How can I assist you today?
Alina Nica: can read the above messages? thats what I what help with, the fact that deposit huge for all this time and suddnely when I win you find a problem with my account
Alina Nica: I have deposited thousands , of course at some point I might win big
Alina Nica: and you have to explain what is the problem
Jay: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Jay: I can't provide you with much information other than that you have breached the Terms and Conditions of the casino by sharing information on the network with other players that is not allowed and for that reason the account was locked and the withdrawal confiscated. I can't divulge specific of the investigation, but can inform you that the decision was made by our Player Security Company and the account will remain locked and the withdrawal will remain confiscated.
Alina Nica: what terms did I breach? what information share?
Alina Nica: you cant divulge information what does that even mean? you gonnna take my winnings without explanation?
Jay: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Jay: As I said, I can't tell you more without impeding on our security measures. Your account have been picked up to share similar information with other players and that as a whole is not allowed. What details you share we can't divulge, but yes, the account has been closed permanently and the winnings have been confiscated as well.
Jay: The Terms and Conditions specific to you is as follows: 8.11.7 We reserve the right to restrict players in any way we see fit, at our sole discretion, from opening accounts at the Casino in situations where computers or environments are shared.
Alina Nica: what the hell are you talking about ??? what similar information? why is that not a problem before and only when i win? you send me offer and deposit thousands and when I lose is ok ??? but when I win you take my money and "cannot divulge the details" ?
Jay: Regrettably I am unable to provide you with more in detail information, but you are welcome to contact the gambling regulator in regards to this. http:/­/ww­w.e­cog­

Posted on August 22, 2014


Even if the explanation from support indicates a potential fraud (and I believe support has a clear indication of that), I will look more into it, let me know your account number



Posted on August 23, 2014

What fraud are you talking about? And why can't you tell me what is the evidence for that?

My account is Alinacci21.

Posted on August 24, 2014


Support confirmed what I was already expecting, we are in the case of a fraud to the casino; the casino is very efficient in figuring out when someone is trying to fraud the casino, in this case a group of people: according to our term and conditions:

8.11.7 We reserve the right to restrict players in any way we see fit, at our sole discretion, from opening accounts at the Casino in situations where computers or environments are shared

I'm not going to disclose any details, cause that would only help the fraudsters to avoid to be caught next time - I will send all the info to if needed

It rests assured that honest players are always paid, All Slots Casino is online since 2001 and has paid Millions in winnings to many players worldwide; please do not waste my time with further complains if you know you are not in the right, i'm here to help honest players



Posted on August 26, 2014

Can you please send all the info/evidence you have for your claim of somehow me frauding the casino to askgamblers since you cant share here? All I did was deposit big at your casino and claim bonuses that you invited me by mail. The term you mention says you have the right to restrict players from opening accounts etc. If you closed my account for whatever reason I would be ok with that. But offering me bonuses, causing me to deposit thousands and closing my account when I win, is ridiculous,.

Posted on August 26, 2014

We considering this complaint resolved. We got an evidence from the casino that are confirming their statement. If player is not satisfied with the decision of the casino, he/she can contact a Gambling Commission.

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