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Grand Parker Casino - 3 months for partial payment/removed money from my account


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Grand Parker Casino


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kazy United States Message
Posted on February 12, 2015

Won $3000 in Oct/Nov 2014. First $3000 approved said they would deposit into my bank account. Several weeks later say they are going to use this click turbine method and will deposit two $1500 withdrawals. Then story changed again and delay continues. Received first 1000 month + later. Then I go to withdrawal second $1500 as directed - the manager removed $832 from my account, taking some money I was playing with plus $500. I have never had money removed from my online accounts before. So this made no sense to me - no answer as to why. Received $1000 at about the 3 month mark. Now put in for the remaining $500 (that should be $1000) and now they are playing another game about not having right bank account. Previous payments were by click turbine. At this point I have given up. There are quick to take your deposits but fail to pay out properly. Manager withdrawal from my account because they don't want to pay out. And their bonus - I had to play 40x the bonus before I could claim a win. I did that which took days. This casino won't answer this, but I want others to know. I am fine for them to close and cancel my account.

Posted on February 12, 2015

Dear @kazy,
Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.