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21 Grand Casino - Stalling my payment for 7 weeks

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 21 Grand Casino
Reason Delayed payment
vlado090 United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 11, 2015


I would like to ask if there is someone who can help me to get my money from this Casino? I have wrote them 4 emails- I have tried to contact them on live-chat about 10 times, every time on support comes in David S and if he hears a question about withdrawal you can wait all day - he is not answering, how casino so un-polite and arrogant can even still exist? I will speak with their licence holder and show them all live-chat logs where casino is simply ignoring their clients and being absolutely rude.

I hope someone can help me find answers to my questions
With Respect

Vladimirs T

Posted on August 11, 2015

Dear @vlado090,

Any news regarding your complaint?

Thank you.

vlado090 United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 11, 2015


No, offcourse there is not, they are still ignoring me, Have tried 3 times more to contact them on live chat and everytime I started to speak about withdrawal live chat advisor just got away each time without answering anything, I have searched about information and I found out that this casino is basically bankrupting, a lot of people have not received their winnings, hundreds off withdrawals are stopped, so please be aware casino players, DO NOT MAKE ANY DEPOSITS AT 21GRAND CASINO, as I red this casino is bankrupting, they dont care about withdrawals, they are trying to get as much deposits as they can so they can bankrupt. I have an appointment at Boston court on Monday to speak about this situation

Vladimirs T

vlado090 United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 13, 2015


Does really it is impossible to get my money from this 100% fraud casino? How it can even still exist? What are doing their licence holder? I guess they got paid enough to be quiet, this is embarrasing, how this can happen nowadays, I hope all of their management will get in jail about money fraud and I will be first witness to sank this fraudulent casino, please, dear people, dont even imagine about registering on 21GRAND CASINO, YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY, YOU WILL NEVER GET EVEN ANSWERS ABOUT YOUR MONEY, THEY GONNA KEEP EVERYTHING, PLEASE, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT REGISTERING THERE.


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