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GrandRio Casino - 21000€ withdrawals not processed after 10 days

vtyyppi Finland
posted on May 2, 2016.

Grand Rio has not processed any of my withdrawals now in 9 days. I deposited 2000 euros to this casino and I got out 1600 euros. At this point I had 12700 euros in my casino account. After this I got big win playing Mega Moolah Isis slot with bet size 25 euros on 25.4.. Five scatters. Screeshot afrer the win is included. I calculated that i had waged more than 100 000 euros in that same game. And I played only with Microgaming's jackpot slot, so part of this money has gone to the Microgaming's jackpot. So Microgaming is also part of this case.

Now the whole casino's web site says that "Site is on maintenance" http:/­/ww­w.g­ran­dri­ This casino is Ask Gamblers list of trusted casinos. They have gave me email information that Microgaming is invesgating my win , but they have not answered why this affects on my withdrawals to money before this win.

vtyyppi Finland
posted on May 3, 2016.

Last night I got email from casino support, that web site is closed due to technical updates. And they will send me some information about examination of my win on wednesday (tomorrow).

posted on May 4, 2016.

Dear Toni and representatives of Askgamblers,
We confirm that the winning was received in the process of playing "Mega Moolah Isis" jackpot by Microgaming. Any of such big jackpot winnings is the subject of a serious approach as all the information is sent to the game manufacturer for the further processing. In this regard we would like to ask the Player to wait, to treat the issue with patience and not to worry - all the necessary details on the winning wll be provided after May, 6th.
GrandRio support team

vtyyppi Finland
posted on May 4, 2016.

Thank you for your response! The win was not really the "jackpot" from Mega Moolah Isis, but of course it was big. Nice to hear from you and nice to know that you can publicly announce some information when this invesgation could be over. You have not still provided me any explanation why this win affects to the withdrawal process of about 5000 € what I had in my casino account before this win.

posted on May 7, 2016.

Dear Toni and Askgamblers representatives!
Our team tries their best to deal with this issue in a very operative way, but unfortunately all serious issues are significantly delayed due to prolonged update of our resource. The updates regard all the sides of our site's work (financial systems, service. bonus policy, soft, license, design elements). Tomorrow our representatives will contact you to provide with more details. We hope for your waiting and understanding.

vtyyppi Finland
posted on May 8, 2016.

Thank you for your response! I will be waiting information from you tomorrow. Hope you get your new web site up and running soon!

vtyyppi Finland
posted on May 10, 2016.

I inform, that I have now agreement with GrandRio Casino about the payment schedule. This comlaint is now resolved, unless the casino does not keep our agreement.

posted on May 10, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is being officially closed now.

We are happy that an agreement has been reached and would like to thank both parties for their cooperation during the complaints process.

vtyyppi Finland
posted on August 4, 2016.

I made a deal with GrandRio Casino on May 10. that I cancel my complaint and GrandRio casino starts pay me 500€/week. They managed to pay me once. After this no payments. A lot of lies thou. Example they said they have paid. And after a week, they said there is some bank problem, they will contact the bank and so on. Only contact what I had was skype. Last time they replied me was 29.6.2016. They said they will try re-open the casino but:

"The main obstacle we face currently is that the previous director doesn't want to transfer our administration rights and obligations, that leaded our company to start the case and to hire advocates. The problem is still being settled and besides, the other important issues that is being checked by our managers is whether our company is still registered in Curacao or not. I will keep you in touch."

Curaçao eGaming won't help me with this case, because they said they have not licensed GrandRio.

AskGambler does not know who where the real persons running this casino. They emailed me, that only contact information they know is on this site, where is only supports email address.

Now I have tried to find who are the people running GrandRio Casino. I asked NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. Evolution Gaming does not answer my emails at all. NetEnt said that they cannot legally help me, because my win was from Microgaming slot and I should ask Microgaming. I have sent about 30 emails to Microgaming I have only got one response back when I emailed them the information what NetEnt said. Microgaming said that they don't know who where the people running GrandRio! They said, that Microgaming games where re-sold to this casino by company called Mirax Management Ltd. I cannot find this company from internet at all! Now I have tried for a week to contact Microgaming that they could give me some contact information to this Mirax so I could find out who where the real persons who owed and managed GrandRio Casino. No answers yet.

So it seems that you can run Internet casino, get to certfied casinos list in AskGambler, run the games of NetEnt and Microgaming Jackpot slots and no one really knows who you are!

Lack of support from Microgaming was problem in the first place. In April GrandRio Casino blamed that Microgaming is investigating my win and that is reason why GrandRio is delaying my withdrawal. I contacted Microgaming multiple times and tried to ask is this true. They have not answered my questions at all. I still don't know was Microgaming really investigating my win.

When I played Microgaming Jackpot slot and waged about 100 000 euros on that slot I had trust that there is security if I win something. Microgaming would help me to get my money out from this casino. I have not had any help from there. About that waged 100 000 euros few thousand euros probably went to Microgaming through the jackpot?

If some one can help me here, for example give me information who are running GrandRio casino and if I can get some money out based on that information, I promise that I give 25% of that money to the person who helped me. GrandRio Casino still owes me 20 500 euros!

I have still few ideas, where I could find these people. GrandRio Google user has few persons in his Google Circles and GrandRio has Facebook friends. I have feeling that trails go to Russia, because the Skype contacts location was Russia. 20 500 euros is so much for me that I at least need to know who where the people who ripped me off.