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21 Grand Casino is not paying my small withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 21 Grand Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 25
Posted on May 11, 2015


I am waiting for 100,- euro win from no deposit bonus and after 3 weeks i am still waiting. I've sended my documents for verification, it's done. I've sended my 25 euro with Skrill, its done. And now waiting for my cash out. I've e-mail them about what happens without responding.
I checked every day in the software about my winnings and it still says processing.
I just want to know about a deadline from when i should receive payment.
Please help me! I am clueless.. I've attached images to proof my side. Thank you for ur time and have a lovely day!

Best regards,

Phitsanuphong Sa-Ingram

Posted on April 24, 2015

I've sended them a part 2 e-mail about my worry.
I hope they will reply me back as soon as possible.
Here a picture of it.

Posted on April 25, 2015


I finally got a new email adress where to send my concerns about my withdraw request.
Here's the picture of it.

Posted on April 26, 2015

Now they are telling me that my account is blocked with reason: Multiple accounts..
And Live chat told me that i have 13 more accounts.. What a b*llsh*t.. I dont have any
more accounts. I already sended the documents to proof my side of identity. And now they
blocked my account? I am not happy about this.. I am blocked at there other casino aswell..
21 Grand Casino and Rockbet Casino.. Please help me. I am clueless!

Posted on April 27, 2015

Hello there,

Indeed you have been found to have multiple accounts on many sister casinos, most importantly 3 different accounts on 21Grand casino, in one of them a chargeback was also made. In doing so, you have violated the following terms:

2.1. The following actions by the player will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions of the Casino, but not limited to this list. Consequences may include termination of the player's casino account, confiscation of winnings and existing balances, denial of services, promotions and any other offers by the Casino.
• More than one active account at 21GRAND CASINO and/or more than one active account on an affiliated sister site operating under the Rival platform.
• Should at any time, the casino discover a linkage or connection to a fraudulent, suspended or refunded or previously closed account on any brand within the Rival network or any other online casino.

I'm afraid that by security protocols, your account has been terminated.

Casino Support

Posted on April 27, 2015

I dont have 3 accounts on 21 Grand Casino. XiejeNL is the only account i have.
JackieNL is the only account i have on Rockbet casino. I've sended the documents
they are approved by 21 Grand Casino and i sended 25 euro's to verify my identification.
And i'm waiting for my winnings from 8 april 2015.
On Rockbet Casino i haven't sended the documents yet and i didn't paid for my identification.
How should i know that Rockbet Casino is the same as 21 Grand Casino. I didn't know that.
Please understand my situtation. I never make multiple accounts. How is that possible?
Can u proof me who are those other accounts? Live Chat told me nothing about this.
They just congratulations me after my winnings and i went to confirm my identification and
paid for it and now i get this issue.. Please help me. Thank you.

Posted on April 27, 2015

The security department has found at least 3 accounts from this IP/household:


This is not allowed, player may have only one account at a time.

Posted on April 27, 2015

I dont know those other 2 accounts. Like i told you ive 1 account on each casino.
XiejeNL is the only one i have. This must be a mistake. I dont make multiple accounts.
I've already sended my documents to proof my side. Why can't u guys delete those other
2 accounts? I want to make a withdrawal request and getting this issue. I've paid for nothing.
Couldn't u told me earlier about this. I dont know them really, this must be a mistake.

What about Rockbet Casino? Why is that blocked then? Can't i make a withdrawal request on
that casino? Please reply me back. I am hopeless now.

Posted on April 27, 2015

Hi there,

I cannot speak for rockbet, but regarding 21Grand, opening several accounts has gotten the account banned, and I'm afraid all withdrawals have been voided.

Posted on April 27, 2015

Oke, i understand. So, i've to contact Rockbet Casino for why my account is blocked then.
I've no more questions. Thanks for quick answers. Wish best of luck and have a lovely day.

Posted on May 1, 2015

We consider this complaint unresolved, we didn't get evidence from casino management to back up their statement.

Posted on May 11, 2015

Based on the evidence that we received from the casino management we can confirm that this player breached their Terms and conditions rule 2.1. Player had a more than one account at this casino, player is also flagged an affiliated sister site operating under the Rival platform. We also got confirmation from the casino that player's deposit was refunded. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.

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