21 Grand Casino - Declined withdrawal of bonus winnings plus deposit

posted on October 29, 2012.

I have played no deposit bonus promotion in this casino 21 Grand and Supreme Play. As I have the same problem in both casinos, and they a part of the same group (they have same owner), I will describe problem here.

After I have finished playing ND bonus promotions (at 21 Grand on Oct 7 and later at Supreme Play on Oct 12), their agents on chat have confirmed that I have finished them successfully. Also they told me that when I make a deposit (25€ to each casino), I can request a withdrawal of total sum (deposit+bonus winnings). I did exactly what they told me. So I deposited via Neteller 25€ in each of these 2 casinos (50€ total), and requested a withdrawal of 55€ in each casino (110€ total).

Details of deposits:


21 Grand deposit transaction:

205344095970390 25.00 NETeller COMPLETE Oct 7, 08:44:58 AM

Supreme Play deposit transaction:

205344110135364 25.00 NETeller COMPLETE Oct 12, 04:40:12 PM

Details of requested withdrawals:


21 Grand details of withdrawal transaction:

205344095972481 55.00 NETeller PROCESSING Oct 7, 08:46:03 AM

Supreme Play details of withdrawal transaction:

205344110138311 55.00 NETeller PROCESSING Oct 12, 04:40:58 PM

And then started problems.

After first week since I requested the withdrawal (at 21 Grand), when I asked about it, agent told me that it will be processed next week.

After second week agent told me that it will be processed in a few days.

After third week (today) and a lot of waiting for answer, their agent told me that I have several accounts at casino. I immediately told him that is not true. I have one account per one casino (one account at 21 Grand, and one account at Supreme play).

Later, their agent called me on phone. She confirmed that I have one account per casino. But then she told me that I broke some bonus rules, and that is why they won't pay me out. She didn't tell me which rules I broke in any of their 2 casinos, so I don't know what it is about. I simply used no deposit bonus promotions which I received through their affiliate partner LCB when I registered, one promotion at 21 Grand and one promotion at Supreme Play.

Therefore I will not accept that after 3 weeks of winning no deposit bonus promotion and confirmation of that by their agents, they arbitrarily classify me as a "bonus abuser".

Beside that, in a no way I can accept that they will not refund at least my deposited money of 50€ (25€ in each of their 2 casinos) back to my Neteller account. This is simply stealing of my money. I have deposited money (2 times of 25€) only to make a withdrawal of bonus winnings as their agents told me on chat, that is way I want it back to my Neteller account.

Simply, after I have finished promotions and made winnings, they confirmed that. Then I have deposited and requested withdrawals. Now 3 weeks later when I insist on payment, they deny it and don't want to pay me out.

posted on November 6, 2012.

1.The player Koxbox has opened several accounts in both of our labels. Although the player is a “Rival Global Bonus Banned” Player due to infringements in other Rival casinos, he managed to open accounts several times in two of our labels, and persuaded the casino support representatives to be granted with such free welcome chip.

2.The player Koxbox, repeats the same pattern; he looks for free bonuses in different of our Rival Casinos by opening new accounts from a Croatian IP, taking advantage of the promotional free chips that are commonly granted by casinos to new registered players.

3.As most of the free welcome chips that our industry offers, both of the bonuses granted to Koxbox were valid for slots only. Koxbox made 30 Euro in winnings for Roulette in two of our labels, which was a game not valid for such free chip.

4. In Rival casinos – as in other casino platforms – the bonuses’ terms and conditions are shown at the cashier’s page right before they can been redeemed by the player.

5. The player Koxbox, not only created several new accounts to get free welcome chips until he could generate winnings, but also threatened the Casino Management of complaining about this issue in casino forums unless we grant him with the 30 Euro won illegally.

6. In order to activate his Neteller account for cash-outs, the player Koxbox deposited 25 Euro after he requested the withdrawals. Such activation deposits have been refunded to his Neteller account.

posted on November 7, 2012.

1. It is a lie. I have opened only one account in each casino, one account in 21 Grand and one account in Supreme Play.

Otherwise, prove you statement to Askgamblers. Exactly how much accounts I have in number? Which are my others usernames and email addresses?

About "Rival Global Bonus Banned" and other Rival casinos. None of them banned me for anything, as they have no reason to do that.

"I persuaded casino support to grant me free chip". Hahaha, that is very funny. When I registered, I immediately had free no deposit promotion by their affiliate partner LCB. LCB is Latestcasinobonuses, which I am member of, and they provided the link for registration. After registration I claimed LCB promotion in cashier and started playing without contacting their support.

2. Again lie about "new accounts" in both of your casinos. Prove it to Askgamblers or public if you can - exact number of accounts, my other usernames and email addresses.

3. Lie again. After I have finished ND bonus promotion, I asked on chat for confirmation. Agents were checking my gameplay for several minutes, for wagering requirements and type of games I played. And they confirmed my winnings, because I made them only by playing slots.

4. No problem with that, I have read them.

5. Again lie about several accounts - prove it if you can.

I "threatened the casino management", are you serious!? You mean, the same management who confirmed my winnings. And the same management who made this lie of 30€ won illegally (and a lot of other lies), when I after 3 weeks of finished promotion and your confirmation, insisted on cash-out.

Today is exactly a month since I requested the first withdrawal (7 Oct in 21 Grand), and I have received nothing, neither money nor answer. You had enough time, now deal with the public complaint.

6. And finally the biggest lie, that they refunded my deposits back to my Neteller account, as they didn't!

I'll say again, after I have finished playing ND bonus promotion in both of their casinos, each time I went on chat so that their agents confirm it. And they have confirmed it, and said to make a deposit so I can request a cash-out of bonus winnings + deposit.

So I deposited 25€ to 21 Grand and later 25€ to Supreme Play, total of 50€.

And they now state that they refunded my deposits. They have not refunded 50€ nor 25€. They refunded nothing!

It is easy to prove that. They should provide the prove of alleged refund, i.e. details of alleged Neteller transaction. If they can, of course.

I can also prove that they didn't refund me. I will send to Askgamblers the transaction history of my Neteller account, where is none of alleged refund.

Also I believe that official Neteller support can confirm, if asked, that such alleged refund, i.e. transaction from their paying agent "Pantasia.com" to my account, does not exist.

If they have only refunded my deposits back to my Neteller account, I would not submitted the complaint here. But their agent clearly said to me on the phone that they will not do that. After that once more I asked them in email for refund, but never got an answer, let alone the refund. And that is why I submitted the complaint.

posted on November 7, 2012.

I will be fair and say that I finally receive the cash-out of 100€ from their paying agent "Pantasia.com". Although I should receive 110€ (2x55€), but regarding this situation I will accept 100€.

This cash-out appeared in my Neteller account at least 20 hours since they claimed it is done, and at least 16 hours since I wrote previous reply.

I wish that was done a long earlier because there is no reason for not being paid. As I am finally paid today after a month of requested withdrawal, in the meantime my public complaint was necessary.

posted on November 7, 2012.

This is again not correct. The player koxbox received his payment on November 1st, he received even more than he actually should have received.

posted on November 7, 2012.

I don't know why are you now saying this, because it is not true.

I didn't receive any payment on November 1st. Otherwise, prove it with details of such Neteller transaction.

Or better, check it with your paying agent.

And I received less because i should receive 110€.

posted on November 7, 2012.

Dear player, your statement is again not correct. The forum owners have been handed over with all necessary screen shots and transaction details to your account to be fully in the picture of the false statements of you and your player history.

posted on November 7, 2012.

Yes, I also have screenshots of my withdrawal history from casino, and will send them to Askgamblers if needed.

Here I can copy text which I saved:


21 Grand details of withdrawal transaction:

205344095972481 55.00 NETeller PROCESSING Oct 7, 08:46:03 AM

Supreme Play details of withdrawal transaction:

205344110138311 55.00 NETeller PROCESSING Oct 12, 04:40:58 PM


So go ahead, post details of your alleged Neteller transaction to my account from November 1st in public? Please post transaction ID, date and amount.

I will send to forum owner if needed, the whole transaction history of my Neteller account, where it can be seen that there is no such alleged transaction on November 1st.

posted on November 9, 2012.

 We received a proof that the payment of 100 euros is sent to the player!

Transaction ID: NT152352294733173, Date: 1st November 2012., 1:25 PM, Account: 6323290, Name: N****** L****** , Status: Accepted!

Anything else to say here?

posted on November 9, 2012.

AskGamblers, did you receive the screenshot of my Neteller history, and 2 screenshots of casino withdrawal history I sent you in email?

Then you see that transaction with such ID number appeared on my Neteller account on November 7th !

posted on November 16, 2012.

OK, I think you can close this complaint now.

posted on November 16, 2012.

 Complaint solved!