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Playamo Casino - Cashback not given as advertised, terrible customer support

posted on October 18, 2016.

Omg, I have just been through hell. Seriously, words cannot even describe the experience I had with the customer service. I almost don't believe it happened. So I wagered nearly 400+ mBTC playing, thinking they had a 15% CashBack bonus (which I saw on here btw). I ended up losing it all and went to the live chat to ask about the CashBack. The REPRESENTATIVE kept copy and pasting "There are no bonuses available at this time" over and over and over. I asked for him to explain, not to just keep saying the same thing. But he just kept repeating, so I asked for a manager. This is when it gets ridiculous. He first states he isn't the manager, then he is, then he says he told me not to leave him because he was afraid of being alone, and that he actually just got promoted to manager while we talked. He then said he always wanted to be a comedic actor. He continued to make my money i just spent into a joke for 30+ minutes. I cannot even begin to comprehend this. I'm totally appalled, to the point I want all the money if ever wagered back! Here's the conversation:

17:29 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
17:29 You are now chatting with Playamo - Live Chat
17:29 Playamo - Live Chat: Hello, thank you for playing at our casino! How could I help you? Hallo! Danke, dass Sie in unserem Casino spielen! Was können wir für Sie tun? Здравствуйте, чем мы можем Вам помочь?
17:30 Jordan < name removed >: Hi, do you guys still do the CashBack if you lose? lol I just wagered a lot of money in your casino, if you don't do CashBack anymore, is there any bonuses I'm eligible for? 😅
17:31 Playamo - Live Chat: Sorry, there are no bonuses available at the moment.
17:32 Jordan < name removed >: Seriously? So you don't do the CashBack? Points or anything? I just gambled away 400+ mbtc lol
17:33 Playamo - Live Chat: Sorry, but it looks like we can't offer you a bonus right now.
17:33 Jordan < name removed >: I thought you guys had points lol crap
17:34 Jordan < name removed >: Wow, how generic of a response. Wish I hadn't chose you guys now blah
17:35 Jordan < name removed >: Wager that much at any other casino and I'd at least gotten a few free spins or something 😑
17:36 Jordan < name removed >: I thought you guys did CashBack, I saw online you did like 10% or 15% or something. Wow. 😑 I'm flabbergasted
17:37 Jordan < name removed >: I wouldn't have wagered all of it if I knew I wasn't at least getting points!
17:37 Jordan < name removed >: I would have withdrawn and put it in another casino
17:38 Playamo - Live Chat: Is there anything else I can help you with?
17:39 Jordan < name removed >: Uh do you not speak English? You haven't helped me at all!
17:39 Jordan < name removed >: You've said 2 probably pre written phrases
17:41 Jordan < name removed >: why aren't I eligible for a bonus? I've probably wagered over 400 mBTC.
17:41 Jordan < name removed >: Thinking you guys had a CashBack bonus when you lose
17:42 Playamo - Live Chat: Unfortunately, there are no bonuses available at the moment.
17:42 Jordan < name removed >: http:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­gam­bli­ng-­new­s/p­rom­oti­ons­/if­-yo­u-l­ose­-at­-pl­aya­mo-­cas­ino­-yo­u-l­l-g­et-­cas­hba­ck-­to-­try­-again/
17:42 Jordan < name removed >: Explain yourself
17:43 Jordan < name removed >: Stop just saying the same generic thing.
17:43 Playamo - Live Chat: Sorry, we can't offer you a bonus at the moment.
17:43 Jordan < name removed >: oh my god seriously? So you just say it again?
17:44 Jordan < name removed >: Is there a manager or pit boss I can speak with?
17:44 Playamo - Live Chat: You can say it to me
17:44 Playamo - Live Chat: And i will report about it to the manager
17:46 Jordan < name removed >: I'd rather just talk to someone who won't just say, "There are no bonuses available at this time". I WAGERED OVER $250+ THINKING I WOULD GET A CASHBACK BONUS AND NOW YOURE TELLING ME THAT
17:47 Jordan < name removed >: I don't want to talk to you anymore. You had your chance to talk, and you copied and pasted the same thing over and over
17:48 Playamo - Live Chat: Please
17:48 Playamo - Live Chat: Do not leave me alone
17:48 Jordan < name removed >: Excuse me?
17:48 Playamo - Live Chat: There is no one here who could talk to me
17:48 Jordan < name removed >: Is this a joke to you?
17:49 Jordan < name removed >: Wow, ok now this is officially ridiculous. I can't believe you just said that.
17:50 Jordan < name removed >: Now I definitely want a manager
17:51 Playamo - Live Chat: But i am the manager#
17:51 Jordan < name removed >: You're the manager? You just said you would tell it to your manager
17:51 Jordan < name removed >: You're the manager and you act like this?
17:53 Playamo - Live Chat: Yes, why not?
17:53 Jordan < name removed >: It's Extremely unprofessional
17:53 Jordan < name removed >: And a little bit ago you weren't the manager, and now you are?
17:54 Playamo - Live Chat: Yes, i have just been moved to this position
17:55 Jordan < name removed >: 😑
17:55 Jordan < name removed >: Oh my god, this is just a giant joke to you. I'm glad my money is a joke to you
17:56 Jordan < name removed >: You better cherish your "promotion" while it lasts, because you aren't gonna be there long once this conversation gets posted everywhere.

posted on October 20, 2016.


We apologize for this dialogue with our support team. It was inappropriate.

This guy is not our team member anymore.

In addition, your account was credited with a compensation.

Kindest regards

Playamo team

posted on October 24, 2016.

Based on Playamo Casino last post, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.