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Planet 7 Casino - Won't send any monies not even a check

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Planet 7 Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 95000
sft2dtch United States Message
Posted on October 14, 2016

I have been given the run around in regards to over $95,000.00 in winnings. They requested documents, I complied. It has been over 42 business days since my win. I have all of the emails and chat transcripts. They say they have wired thee payments and that my bank is holding them. They have not. Nor is my bank holding them. My bank is part of Central Wires. The casino requested i verify all the information, I did. Central Wires told me that if they use the wrong codes, the wire would be kicked back to them. I requested checks originally. I have since requested checks again. Now the casino is refusing to send me any checks, because they said that since my bank was holding their wires, that they would hold the check. The casino the demanded that I open a bitcoin account. I will not until they are sanctioned by the SEC and have a better exchange rate. Then the casino requested alternative banking information. I provided a new swift code and routing number. They told me I need to open an account with a "mainstream" bank. Then they said I need to open an new account with an international bank. They said as soon as I provide them with another bank account, they would start sending me checks. where I bank should have no bearing on them sending me a check. Yet they demand a new account in order to send me a check. They are rude and condescending. And I see all of their actions to date as stall tactics.

sft2dtch United States Message
Posted on October 15, 2016

Here is one of the ridiculous emails I have been sent;

Due to the nature of our business once we send the wire to your bank is up to the bank to deposit the money in your bank account.
Please be informed we are going to hold your pending payout until you send us a new bank wire information or create a bitcoin account.
Make sure that your bank accepts international wires.
Additionally, you cannot tell the bank where the wire is coming from as otherwise you can have legal issues.

What does that even mean? Legal issues?

Then they sent me this:

Alternatively, you can provide us with an alternative banking information.

I then sent this:

You have all of my current banking information. I have banked at the same bank for over 35 years. I have never had any troubles with wires, either domestic or international. This is the first time.

I have verified that all of the banking information you have is correct. There is no alternative.

I requested they put a trace on the wires.

They sent me this:

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for the information, but we do not do that.
We will need you to send us the bank statement via email.

Elena N Finance Department

So I again sent a copy of my bank statement.

Their response:

We will put a trace on the wires sent so far to see what the status is. That can take up several days depending on banks involved. Assuming your wire info you provided is correct the wire is held up somewhere in the compliance system. Until this is cleared up we strongly suggest Bitcoin or an account with a mainstream bank. We will not send wire transfers to this account pending a solution. Let us know which option you prefer.

So then I sent them a new swift code and a new routing number. Complying with their requests.

They requested a bank statement to prove that I hadn't received any money. I complied. Sent it to them several times to insure the received it. They verified that they did.

Then they sent this:

Requesting a bank statement is a standard practice when a customer claims to have not received funds. We have checked with the processor and your wire payments were sent successfully. Therefore, in order for us to put a formal complaint with the processor we need to prove that the fund have not reached your bank account.

You can go to your bank and request a bank statement at any time.

Then they sent this:

Dear Sarah,

If you prove that the funds we transferred have not reached your bank account we will put a formal complaint with our processor. It is then up to them to investigate and get back to us with an answer.

Kind regards,

My reply:


Attached please find a copy of all of the credits to my account since 9/20/2016 thru today, proving that no funds have been deposited into my account from your casino or the likes thereof. The only credit to my account as you can see was deposit of $1,000.00 that had nothing to do with your casino.

Please send my money.

They replied:

Dear Sarah,

Please send us an official bank statement not an online banking print screen.

Kind regards,

So I sent another copy of my official statement. I sent it several times. By this time they must have at least 20 copies of the requested document. These people seem to have a problem with documents.

The next morning I received this from them:

Dear Sarah,

We put a trace on the wires sent to your account and it appears that your bank is holding them. For this reason, we cannot send you a check as your bank would hold it as well (checks can only be deposited at a bank with a teller).

Please create an international bank account with another bank or a Bitcoin account and we will send your payment to you.

Kind regards,

More condescending and rude attitude. My response to them was:


Any bank will hold a check for 10 business days for it to clear.

Send any future payments in the form of a check. I will deposit it any checks sent to me with a teller, at the bank. DUH!

Please don't reuse to send my winnings. Like I mentioned in an earlier email, that is the form I had requested them to be sent in the first place. There should be no reason why you can't do that.

My bank is not holding anything anywhere. And I think you know that. This whole thing is a farce. But it just adds to the suit you are building for me.


Here is the response:

Dear Sarah,

Yes, under normal circumstances the banks hold a check before releasing it.
However, your bank is already holding your wires and not releasing them to you which means the same will happen to any checks you might deposit.

In order for you to receive your payment you have to either open a new international bank account or create a Bitcoin account.

Kind regards,

My response:

Please send any future payments in the form of a check. That is my final demand.

Per your "terms and conditions" having an international bank account is not required.
Per your "terms and conditions" there is a 3 day period for withdrawals to be approved, and an additional 7 days for any payments to be processed. It has been 42 days since my win.
Per your "terms and conditions" I can request any payments in the form of a check or request that they be sent to a number of other internet payment options.
I am requesting my winnings be sent in the form of a check.

One of my careers I held the position of Cashier at an International Gold and Silver Bullion exchange. I am very familiar with the workings of international banking.

i have both sent and received more money from every corner of the world than you are likely to see in your lifetime.

I know that you are stalling and not telling me the truth regarding any attempts to pay me.

One last time, Please send my winnings in the form of a check to the address on my account. It will then be my responsibility to handle it from there.

I got no response to that. So I jumped on live chat in the morning.
Here is the last transcription from the last chat session I had with the Planet 7 finance department:

General Info
Chat start time Oct 14, 2016 10:10:26 AM EST
Chat end time Oct 14, 2016 10:41:50 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:31:23
Operator Elena QA
Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a Planet 7 agent to respond.
info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Jorge Lopez'. Please verify your Email and Username so that I can assist you.
sft2dtch: sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com
sft2dtch: sft2dtch
Jorge Lopez: How can I help you?
sft2dtch: I need to speak with a manger please
sft2dtch: is Alvyn available?
Jorge Lopez: no he is not in, how can I help you?
sft2dtch: I need to speak with a manager please
sft2dtch: Hello...
sft2dtch: please provide me with the email address of the casino manager. It is in regards to the payment of my winnings. And I would like to talk to someone other than your financial department.
sft2dtch: I -ohave been getting nothing but the run around from everyone at your casino up to this point, I just want my money.
Jorge Lopez: I can transfer you directly to payouts? the email is manage­[email protected]­lan­et7­mai­l.com
sft2dtch: sure transfer me to payouts.
sft2dtch: but to the manager of payouts please
sft2dtch: what is thier name?
sft2dtch: hello?
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to Elena QA.
info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Elena QA'. Please verify your Email and Username so that I can assist you.
Elena QA: Hello Sarah
sft2dtch: elena, I wish to speak with your manager please
Elena QA: I am listening to you
sft2dtch: I am tired of this run around.
Elena QA: we have communicated already via email
sft2dtch: yes I am aware of that
Elena QA: what is the problem
sft2dtch: recieving my winnings
sft2dtch: I want my winnings to be sent to the address on account in the form of a check please
sft2dtch: Per your terms and conditions this I am within my rights to request that
sft2dtch: please send me my winnings in the form of a check
Elena QA: of course you are and you will receive your winnings
Elena QA: this is for sure , however
sft2dtch: that was my initial request
Elena QA: we are holding this check because your bank are holding it
sft2dtch: No however nothing......
sft2dtch: send my winnings to the sddress on account in the form of a check
Elena QA: we will need you to provide us either with alternative wire details or to open a Bitcin account which will allow us to expedite your payments immediately
sft2dtch: I have provided alternative wire details
sft2dtch: I will not open a bitcoin account.
sft2dtch: send me a check
Elena QA: What we are trying to explain you is that
Elena QA: even if we send you a check
sft2dtch: please send me a check
Elena QA: you will need to deposit it again into your bank
Elena QA: and since your winnings are a big amount
sft2dtch: no shit sherlock
Elena QA: due to velocity limits we cannot send you more than one check at a time
sft2dtch: send me a check....please
Elena QA: and the maximum amount is 2500
sft2dtch: great....send it
Elena QA: we need another bank account in order to send you a check
Elena QA: if you provide us with that
Elena QA: we will complete your wish
Elena QA: and send you checks from now on
sft2dtch: I was told, several weeks ago that my payouts would be sent 2500 per week. for the next 40 some odd weeks. Thats fine.
Elena QA: please read carefully what I wrote youabove and try to understand that we are following rules, not only our players
sft2dtch: send me a 2500 dollar check today pleae
Elena QA: but you need to comply to these rules as well
sft2dtch: no you are not.
sft2dtch: I khave complied
sft2dtch: to every request made of me
sft2dtch: send me a check. where i deposit it is my business
sft2dtch: i do not need to provide you with a different bank account for you to send a check
sft2dtch: send me a check
sft2dtch: send me several checks
sft2dtch: just send them
sft2dtch: hello
Elena QA: Sarah, we are offering you alternative methods
sft2dtch: Come on elena, you know as well a I do, that you do not need a new bankk account number to send me a check
Elena QA: we are explaining you that we cannot do that simply because you will not receive these money
Elena QA: if you deposit it in the same bank details
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.
Elena QA: did you receive the last wire we have sent you
Elena QA: ?
sft2dtch: whether I deposit it in the current bank or open another account, that has nothing to do with anything.
sft2dtch: send me a check please
Elena QA: please answer my question
sft2dtch: you know as well as I do that no wire have been sent to my bank
Elena QA: there is a huge difference and we are trying to explain you the difference
Elena QA: 9/29/2016 8:25:28 AM Paid $2692 + $20 Service Fee Wire
sft2dtch: I know. I fyou send me a chekc I would recieve my winnings
Elena QA: 9/26/2016 8:32:23 AM Paid $1900 + $20 Service Fee Wire
sft2dtch: I don't care what your computer says,
Elena QA: 10/10/2016 11:04:35 AM Paid $2480 + $20 Service Fee Wire
Elena QA: this last one was sent a few days ago
sft2dtch: Central Wires have not recived anything.
sft2dtch: they have not been sent
Elena QA: international wires take 5 to 7 business days in order to reflect in your account
Elena QA: they have been
sft2dtch: I am aware of that.
Elena QA: and I am confirming this to you
sft2dtch: no they have not
Elena QA: this is why I am trying to explain you that we will not send another wire
sft2dtch: or they would be in my account
Elena QA: or check
Elena QA: since your bank apparently
sft2dtch: I don't want another wire
Elena QA: is holding them
sft2dtch: send a check
sft2dtch: no they are not
sft2dtch: send a check
Elena QA: it is the same thing, since if you receive a check from us you need to deposit it to a live teller
Elena QA: in your bank
Elena QA: and it will be hold as well
sft2dtch: send a check...if the check gets held that son me at that point
sft2dtch: send a check
sft2dtch: send a check
sft2dtch: you have the addresd
Elena QA: could you please send us a bank sttatement
sft2dtch: I havee.
sft2dtch: several times
sft2dtch: send a check
sft2dtch: send this weeks payment in the form of a check please
Elena QA: we will not send a check Sarah, as we already alll of us explained you, including my finance co-workers
Elena QA: we will need you to provide us with alternative information
sft2dtch: I dont want to have to go through this every week for the next 40 weeks
Elena QA: well we would prefer this case
sft2dtch: you don't want to send a check because you don't want to pay me
Elena QA: solved as soon as possible
Elena QA: as well
Elena QA: but we will need your cooperation for the purpose
sft2dtch: then send me a check...case olved
sft2dtch: I have cooperated
sft2dtch: send me a check....simple
Elena QA: we are in this business for many years Sarah and we did pay all of our players
sft2dtch: thats not what I have rea
sft2dtch: read
sft2dtch: I am not the only one who has had a horrible experience with your casino
Elena QA: did you even read what I and all my colleagues explained to you ? we will not do that since your bank will not approve it
sft2dtch: as I am sure there will be many after me
sft2dtch: so, maybe I want to take it to another bank
Elena QA: we did experienced delays recently , however , we have sent you everything on time, it is not our fault you didn't receive them
sft2dtch: \thats my business not yours
Elena QA: this is why we are trying to make it easier for both of us
Elena QA: and faster , but this won't work without your cooperation
sft2dtch: real easy...send me a check
sft2dtch: I am cooperating
Elena QA: so if you have
Elena QA: alternative wire details
Elena QA: and you are planning to bring the check to another bank
Elena QA: why aren't you giving those to us
Elena QA: ?

And then suddenly, live chat was disconnected. I don't think they know that transcripts get sent no matter how the system is disconnected.

I sent them alternative wire details. And I sent them another Bank name and bank account number. The bank account number has no bearing on them sending me a check. Where I take the check is my business. But they know this. It's all just more stall tactics.

If I don't get my money soon, I am going to get on my Facebook and make a simple post of "DO not play at this Casino" and a full description of my issues. I figure if I ask all of my many, many friends( some of whom have over 1500 friends on their accounts) to re post it, they will, and their friends will, and so on and so on. And if everyone who has ever had a problem with them does the same thing.....Hell, we could reach at least 500 thousand people by the end of new week. Just think of how that would work if I had something positive to say......... Oh the possibilities!

sft2dtch United States Message
Posted on October 15, 2016

Here is a previous transcript from a conversation on September 23rd. It is very interesting.

General Info
Chat start time Sep 23, 2016 4:55:57 PM EST
Chat end time Sep 23, 2016 5:48:44 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:52:47
Operator Alvyn
Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a Planet 7 agent to respond.
info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Larry'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.
sft2dtch: Hi Larry, sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com 661-236-3225
Larry: For verification purposes can you please confirm your username?
sft2dtch: sft2dtch
Larry: Thank you very much for that information! Allow me one moment please.
Larry: Please hold while I check your account, thank you for your patience.
Larry: How may I assist you today?
sft2dtch: can you transfer me to the withdrawals department please. Unless you can tell me that my withdrawals have started and a wire transfer has been made to my bank
sft2dtch: I would really like to start recieving my 100,000.00
sft2dtch: and I would like to speak with a manager too please
Larry: I tried to contact the representatives at the Withdrawal team but they are already left for the day. You could get back to us via chat during business hours between 9am-5pm ET. Could you get back to us on Monday before noon so we could transfer you via chat to them, Please.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.
sft2dtch: you told me the same thing yesterday. I waited a couple of minutes and opened up the chat again and they were able to transfer me right over.
sft2dtch: try again please
sft2dtch: or connect me to a manager
Larry: Let me try again
Larry: I am working on your request. Thank you for holding!
sft2dtch: out of curiosity, how long does it take after filing a claim for the CDS to respond?
Larry: it usually the disputes are resolve is a short amount of time.
sft2dtch: Cool.
sft2dtch: I filed a claim with them yesterday about the trouble I am having collecting my money from your site
sft2dtch: it has been over a month now.
sft2dtch: and I haven't seen a dime of the $100,000.00 planet 7 owes me
Larry: I am trying to get you a manager
sft2dtch: thank you
Larry: You are welcome.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to Alvyn.
info: Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Alvyn'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.
Alvyn: Hi this is AJ, how are you?
sft2dtch: Not so happy right now. thank you
Alvyn: I see you are checking on your winnings
Alvyn: Let me escalate the approval to see when you will start receiving them
sft2dtch: have been for a month now
sft2dtch: that has been done i was told
sft2dtch: i was told that I would start receiving them two weeks ago
Alvyn: Do you know the agent informing you of this?
sft2dtch: I was told that everything had been appoved, documents, withdrawals etc.
sft2dtch: gerard, Keven, Natalie
sft2dtch: I got so many different stories from all of them it was hard to keep it all straight
sft2dtch: but finally when you invited me to be a premier VIP I was told they would start wiring my winnings last week
sft2dtch: your site states that it takes three days for approval, and seven for the payment to be sent.
sft2dtch: I won over a month ago now.
sft2dtch: my first win was on the 18th and my second was on the 20th.
sft2dtch: of August
sft2dtch: I would really like my money. Please.
Alvyn: Of course
Alvyn: I escalated the first two to be sent asap to the processor which wires your winnings. I suggest to check back with me on Tuesday to see any progress.
sft2dtch: I was told the same thing last week. checked back last tuesday and nothing.
sft2dtch: why don't I believe this
sft2dtch: this is all a scam huh?
Alvyn: No is not
sft2dtch: you should put in the terms and conditions the true time alotted for a payout
sft2dtch: it is well over 10 days
sft2dtch: It has been too long.
Alvyn: I am going to work on this for you so just ask for me
sft2dtch: how long after I file a claim with the CDS for them to respond?
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.
Alvyn: They are a different company so I cant tell you how long before that happens
sft2dtch: does it take this long for everyone to get their winnings?
sft2dtch: it sure seems like the more you win, the harder it is to get it.
sft2dtch: well, I will check back Monday. I would really like my money, not to mention need it. this has been a learning lesson thats for sure. I was really happy about it all in the beginning. but now I am a bit soured.
Alvyn: Roughly about 25 business days to clear including teh approval date plus the rest of teh steps to clear
Alvyn: It is tedious some times but considering its offshore gambling it is the safest way to pay you
sft2dtch: all of my friends were all asking what site. I wish I could recommend your site to them all but I just can't. told them they would be better off just going to vegas as usual.
sft2dtch: so Has my account cleared all the steps by now?
sft2dtch: you really need to mention that in your terms and conditions
sft2dtch: thats a far cry from 10 daus
sft2dtch: days
Alvyn: Yes I know. The person in charge of that actually left to start a casino elsewhere so he kind off dumped it all on us and we are fixing things with a new crew
sft2dtch: OK...I get it
Alvyn: I guess he did not know how things are supposed to be explained and he is from the US which baffles me since we are used to terms and conditions being on point
Alvyn: ($1,920.00) and ($212.00) is what I escalated to be paid
sft2dtch: Ya, I read every word of fine print. And thank you for your candidness. it's a breath of fresh air.
sft2dtch: I was told that those had already been approved two weeks ago.
Alvyn: ANd I also escalated $2500 to be approved
sft2dtch: actually, the 212.00 and the other one was 2500.00
Alvyn: I think they split it for some reason but we are going to try to pay it together since the approvals are from the same day
sft2dtch: Natalie told me that once the payments started that I can expect them to come in once a week for the next 40 weeks
sft2dtch: is that correct?
sft2dtch: since they are mostly from one win, once one is approved they should all be approved,,,right?
Alvyn: We cant pin point it like that since the processor may have delays
Alvyn: We can only tell you when it is expected to clear once we send the payment to the processor and they have 7-10 business days to make the wire available in your account
sft2dtch: so the payments are going to be sporadic?
sft2dtch: I can't count on a wire a week?
sft2dtch: OMG!
sft2dtch: how long do you think it is going to take to get the whole $100,000.00?
Alvyn: Once I can get your wires going it can be about two payments per month
Alvyn: We may be able to combine some to speed the process also.
Alvyn: New VIP management will start next month and with them we are expecting to have solutions to the payment delays as we have players like you that win big and dont want to wait several months for the final payment
sft2dtch: but only two payments of 2500.00 each? so now I can only expect 5000.00 a month?
sft2dtch: OK. I hope you can get it straightened out soon.
sft2dtch: I need something though very very soon.
sft2dtch: I am about to loose it all. House and car.
sft2dtch: just lost my mom who didn't do her will
sft2dtch: in an ugly situation right now.
sft2dtch: have two little girls, one in high school and one going to college. I need as much as you cna send dme as soon as you can send it.
Alvyn: I'm sorry to hear that, I'll do my best for you
sft2dtch: my ex is a POS and won't help. I need to get this moving in a positive direction/.
sft2dtch: THank you Alvyn. I appreciate your honesty.
sft2dtch: I will check back with you on monday. I learn anything sooner, please email me. Or even call me and leave a message, I will return your call as soon as I can. Thank you,
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.
Alvyn: Okay sounds good I'll work in it meanwhile
sft2dtch: thank you.
Alvyn: Youre welcome
sft2dtch: i'll check in with you the begionning of next week.
sft2dtch: have a good weekend!
sft2dtch: and thank you again.
Alvyn: Thanks you as well
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to sjtreh­ear­[email protected]­gma­il.com at the end of your chat.

Of course I have never been able to reach this person again. He is always "unavailable".

I moved my entire family to florida partially based on this win. I am disabled, and on a fixed income. I was alleviating tons of stress playing on the casinos website. I lost both parents last year and I had a bit of money.
My win was on my money, no bonus. It was very exciting. I really wish they would pay me. But after reading the other stories, i don't think there is going to be much of a chance for that. I just want to die right now. I thought, WOW! life just got a whole bunch better . When I shared the news with my children, they were so happy.

But Planet 7 has turned all of the elation to bitter disappointment.

sft2dtch United States Message
Posted on October 18, 2016


Well, I thought they were actually going to send me some money, but now it doesn't appear that way at all. They emailed me yesterday telling me I was on the "priority list".

I made sure they have all of the information for a wire transfer, because after reading some of the stories here I don't trust them to send a check.

They emailed back today telling me that the information I provided was incorrect. I gave them the Swift code for the parent bank for my bank. They want the Swift code for my bank. They can't seem to figure out what "PARENT BANK" means. I think it's just another stall tactic. They have lied so much about everything, I can no longer trust anything they say.

I think it's all a big game to them. I don't think they realize that we're talking about a lot of money that they owe me. I think they are horrible.

sft2dtch United States Message
Posted on October 18, 2016

So, as I suspected, its another stall tactic. Now I am being told that my bank doesn't accept international wires. Which I know for a fact is incorrect. I was able to receive several international wires from Sweden as recently as 6 months ago.

So, the games continue.

Attn: askgam­ble­rs.c­om...w­ould you please supply me with the next step for someone to contact who might be able to assist me in getting my winnings? Please? This is well beyond the point of ridiculous. My frustration level is as high as my blood pressure.

Thank you!

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