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Raging Bull Casino - Giving me a hard time with payment

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Raging Bull Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 850
mdwoodfall United States Message
Posted on May 18, 2017

On November 23, 2016, I made a $50.00 deposit using my Visa card. I received an approval along with an email confirmation and went about my trying to not give it back too quickly. (see attached; Doc. #1 )
I had selected a "bonus" with a 25x max-out, in the unlikely event I actually won. I played a little here and there (allowed games), and in February did the unexpected and hit 5000 quarters and a couple of other good hits on a single pay-line slot.
Yeah, I was happy!
Naturally, almost immediately, the Casino swooped in to get their cut for the 'coupon' to the sum of $639.48. I get it and that’s how it goes with the bonus and free chips. Nothing is free!
To sum it all up by the time I got finished with the play-through requirements, had about $1000. Not too bad! I was still happy.
On 2/11/17 I put in a withdrawal request for $975.00, gathered up all the documentation for verification including the ‘Swift’ numbers for a wire transfer. (see attached file Doc. 2)
On 2/15/17 they declined the withdrawal and cleaned the rest of the account dry. (left .07) (see; id)
As communication does not seem to be common practice, I was told nothing about and had to find out what was what, by way of live chat in piecemeal fashion.
Finally, I was told that the reason for the denial and confiscation was “uncollected funds”.
I was told they never received money from my deposit. I replied that’s simply not possible. First of all I have a receipt from Raging Bull, an email confirmation. Second, I have been playing since November! That was my first deposit!
When I look at the account transactions for November, a few days after my deposit there is a series of strange transactions. After my credit card deposit approved is an “uncollected” deposit. Followed by a “uncollected withdrawal” (both approved of course).
Not being an accountant, I still can understand a deposit is an addition and a withdrawal a subtraction. Someone put money in and then took it out.(see Doc. #2)
When I finally managed to speak to a representative and explain that yes, had an approved deposit, receipt and all, and according to the casino policy…that’s a gold standard.
Finally, I was told by “Blake” (employee of the year!) that after review, it was determined I should get my withdrawal! (see Attached Doc.#3))
Here is where I need your assistance. I have sent in all the required documentation several times, by fax, email, carrier pigeon.
I have been playing on-line for a year. I know (by trial and error) The on-line Casino's "slow pay" market wide affliction.
I have played at most all Raging Bull's "Affiliated Casino's".
I have played and made withdrawals at Planet 7, The Virtual Casino, Cool Cat, The Players Club...yes, it does take some nudging and time. its why I tried Raging Bull, they sent me an email i was intrigued and did. As noted, I have experience and have received withdrawals (the dreaded Canadian Check!) from Sisters Casino's so verification documents should be no issue)
I sent them the "packet ....which is a 'go bag' for On-line Casino's. (verification- Drivers license, bank statements, credit cards, front and back)
After about a month, of "Live Chat" (circles in circles), I contacted the investment group (sellls stocks in casino groups) and got a little help. I recieved an email from Sophie Evans (finance manager/escalations) Saying she would look into it...that was April 11, 2017. (see attached Doc. #4)
And what seems to be standard...no replies to any follow-up communication.
So, they owe me $1000 total $975 withdrawal and $25 additional they confiscated.
I use the same email and account name in all casino's so, checking with other affiliates should be easy.
I hope you can assist, my next step would be to 'barrage" Audeo NV owners in Curacoa...or Merus U.K. ltd...managers in England.
and Web sites that promote Raging Bull Casino.


Michael D Woodfall

Posted on May 22, 2017

Hi Michael--

I've looked at your account and there are some notes I'm not fully understanding. As I don't want to give you any misinformation, I'm going to have to speak with our Payments Manager. Please give me another day or two and I'll be back with a full update on this.

All the best,


Posted on May 24, 2017

Hi Michael--

I've spoken with my Payments Manager and I now understand the problem with this: The deposit made into your account (which your winnings stem from) was never collected. We've asked several times for you to please send us a copy of your bank statement proving the deposit did clear, but we've not received this.

Unless we receive this information, we will not be able to proceed with your withdrawal.


mdwoodfall United States Message
Posted on May 27, 2017

Actually, your mistaken about two points.

first, if you read the live chat that is attached you will see that the issue of non collection was addressed and covered. The reason you never collected the money is you never submitted to the bank for payment....fact. i can produce a statement showing that it was never submitted...or it would have been paid. second, the casino issued me an approval email receipt that all was well....and let me play for 3 months!! never informing me at all of any problem whatsoever! in fact if you look at the printout for nov2016, of activity, you will also see that someone within a few days claimed a no collect, but yet DEPOSITED money into the account!.....So, one, I believe that blake (live chat) is correct that the casino policy is not to issue Approved deposit slips until it is actually verified, to protect from fraud. That mistake is on you guys. I have played and deposited and withdrawn from several of your sister casino's without this kind of issues. Unfortunatly, it looks like someone was setting my account up for "who knows what" kind of creative accounting thing....

I was allowed to play until i won, then everything was confiscated AFTER the casino collected almost $700 in bonus payback. If you look at it from that angle, the casino made way more than the "un collected" $50. The manager who looked this over in FEB 2017, agreed to pay it out...I have that in writing...(see chat) because its the right thing to do! I was offered no opportunity to correct your guys mistake for not submitting the charge to my bank....If you check with Planet 7, Cool Cat, Virtual, many more you will see I am a "real deposit customer" that ever since this situation, has not deposited a penny into any of the other sister casino's until this gets straightened out. Ask yourself a few basic questions. Why did the casino not notify me if they could not collect? why would they not immediatly take the credit away? instead of depositing (on paper) so as to not draw attention? Not saying this theory is true, but, it sure would be a good way to make a little extra $$ and at the same time appear as if the casino was being protected!...just saying.

Remember, in order to receive payment from a bank, the merchant has to make a claim!!!....my bank was ready to pay! I asked them, in fact, they are used to getting off charged amounts from overseas and have a standing order to pay them without question!...i trained them!

Finally, you will see that I am completely innocent of any thing but good faith. I answered the casino's solicitations to try them out. I was happy playing at COOl Cat and Planet 7 and pretty much most of the other similar casino's in your affiliation, but thought I would give Raging Bull a try since I was getting promotional materials because of my support of the others in the chain. I didnt seek a NO DEPOSIT coupon and run away, I put my visa in your system. I dont expect to get rich...I win once in a while, but put it back in enjoyment, over a period...its entertainment for me. But I do expect, respect and fair dealing! my money, time, effort, and loyalty, earns it. There are 2000 online casino's....I get emails from most. I happen to like the set-up of the chain you guys are associated with, I like the similarities and the games...

Look. I am here you guys are there, you can do whatever you decide and well, that will be that. I would ask for only a fair adjudication of the facts and I believe that like the manager who already said they would go ahead and honor the withdrawal, any fairminded manager will also do the right thing. There is a saying....to not be penny wise and dollar foolish.

I will attach all the info....please review it.....thank you for your consideration and time.



mdwoodfall United States Message
Posted on May 27, 2017

also I cant seem to upload anymore documents...I wanted to give you my NOVEMBER 2016 Alaska USA Statement...let me know how i can get it to you tawni

mdwoodfall United States
Posted on May 27, 2017

One more thing Tawni,
two actually, but one is a suggestion. I believe when you really rationalize it out in the many directions it warrants. Just on the surface whether it was innocent accounting error, or something else, it looks bad. It is a no win senerio for a customer, with only a plausible deniability for the Casino. just for an intellectualal challenge, think how diabolical that circumstance would be if it was ever done intentional?. Who is to stop someone putting an entry that doesnt balance financially and leaves everything status quo. if the customer does as usual and loses it all quick...ok....so be it..you can always send a bill for the original deposit and state how nice the casino was to let it go..if he wins, then he still loses?, the casino simply calls foul. and confiscates everything.
Look, im not proffering conspiracy theories, just stating the obvious,
Check and see how many other "UnCollected" issues have come to light , say over the last year, for good or ill....be interesting data.
And just so you know why I extrapulate things this way, I have a law business that does alot of "White collar" financial work, and believe me, there are some slick willies in every business.
Thanks again

mdwoodfall United States
Posted on May 27, 2017

Shoot, the suggestion....start a dedicated customer reply unit, it can be one or two employees. There job is to respond to every customer issue. Period. I get that there are a lot of characters not worth acknowledging, but your missing the gems as well.People will notice believe me and sing accolades. doesnt matter if the response is not what they want to hear....just respond. There are programs that will attimmactically shoot off a ....standard response I promise if you convince management to be proactive like that, in a year the revenue and customer base will expand....offer to head the task force for just a percentage of the increase in revenue....you will not regret it....

Posted on May 31, 2017

Hi Michael--

I've just sent you a PM with my private email address--you should be able to get any email through to me without trouble.

I know you've been incredibly patient and certainly kind, given the situation. I do want to get to the bottom of this and have things resolved. Once I receive the statement from you, hopefully, I can get things sorted out.

I'll look forward to hearing from you,


Posted on June 3, 2017

Dear @mdwoodfall,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation.

mdwoodfall United States Message
Posted on June 3, 2017

Dear Ask Gambler,
I have been replying to every response.
Represenative Tawni, from the Casino on 5/31 left a message that was to contain her email, but it has some encryption on it I believe from here, that makes the address unreadable to me, so I am trying to get that fixed.
All in All there is some progress, but not set in stone as the manager told me in February.


Posted on June 7, 2017

Hi Michael--

I sent you an email on June 3rd, after your last post, but I've not yet heard back from you. Can you tell me if you received my email?



mdwoodfall United States Message
Posted on June 9, 2017

On May 31st, I received a message from you (on Ask Gamblers message site), asking me to send my Alaska USA Account statement to a private email address. However, the email address was unread­abl­e/i­nac­ces­sible, as it has blocked with a protection java script.
I have messaged you 2 times regarding the matter, without response.
After contacting Ask Gamblers Support (Danny), on 6/6/17, I was provided your private email address (hidden under the java protection script). On 6/6/17, I promptly emailed you my Alaska USA Bank Statement, along with a reply. I have not received a response. I will send another email today the 9th of June. If I don’t' here from you by tomorrow, I will post it here and will obviously have to redact the personal info.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, frankly, having my bank statement that shows "nothing" (that there was no request for payment to be authorized, or denied), does not address the internal problem that seems perfectly clear.
On 11/23/2016, I submitted my VISA 4*****9068 (in good standing), I received a DEPOSIT CONFIRMATION (attachment #1), that it "has been processed successfully and the amount of $50.00 USD has been credited to your Account ID mdwoodfall" et al.
I could play for 3 months! Only when I won $2500 and requested a withdrawal of $975 (after the casino took $700 for bonus reclaim), was this "uncollected" funds" accounting SNAFU discovered.
No one at Raging Bull has answered the two obvious questions as to “why": 1) Why was I allowed to play for 3 months? (if it was true) 2) Why is it even remotely being attributed to me and my fault?
I guess there is a third question:
Why in February, during our conversation - that I have [provided a transcript for- did two Raging Bull employees (a manager and 'live chat' rep.), under direction of the manager from the “Payments" department, were told and researched, the same story that you currently are. My understanding is, they checked their own company policies "terms “about what must be done before issuing deposit confirmations (the do's and don’ts), and then decided that Raging Bull is 100% in the wrong here, and it was, and is, for all to see PUT IN WRITING (see attached transcript),
They Confirmed from me (at the request of the payments department), all the banking info, to wire transfer the money, ....,.'
And now four months later, here we are!
Has anyone read the transcripts I have provided and looked at the evidence?
That's another, in and of itself, a personal violation, and just wrong.
Being told a controversy has been resolved, basically promising money, and then.... nothing.
I understand that someone told you that I was supposed to send my statement and did not. Well, that is a complete fabrication. Please produce ONE email from anyone at Raging Bull... (other than my deposit confirmation, and an email telling me without explanation that they are refusing the transfer and keeping ALL other funds.)
I have sent over a dozen or more, that were never, even acknowledged. Not to mention 4 faxes...
This is a no-brainer, let’s put this away and just pay me. It is what is right and decent.
Thank you for your time and commitment in this matter

mdwoodfall United States
Posted on June 9, 2017

I could not get the files from the prior message to ATTACH, so here they are cut and pasted. You have them attached to the original posting as well

Account Deposit Raging
Bull Casino TraceID
Raging Bull Casino to me 11/23/16
Thank you Michael Woodfall,
Your deposit to Raging Bull Casino has been processed successfully and an amount of $ 50.00 USD has been credited to your
Account ID mdwoodfall.
Your transaction will appear on your cardholder statement as:
$ 49.95 USD Contact Customer Services
VISA 4****9068
The above charge amount may vary due to the locations of our banks and will always be less than the amount credited to your
Please contact Customer Services for any questions about your recent transaction.
Thank you for your patronage.
Staff at Raging Bull Casino30744394
23/2016 3:16:58 PM

Transcript of your chat
Quality Assurance to me Feb 21
General Info
Chat start time Feb 22, 2017 2:03:23 AM EST
Chat end time Feb 22, 2017 2:35:18 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:31:54
Operator Blake
Info: Please walt for a RingMaster agent to respond.
info: Thank you for contacting Ringmaster Casino. My name is 'Blake'. For your security, please verify the Email address, Usemame,
and phone number on your account so that I can assist you further.
Blake: Hello, how are you. My name is Blake, How may I help you today.
mdwoodfall: User: mdwoodfallEmall: [email protected] •••could you please give me the email address of the Disputes dept for a
withdrawal denial
mdwoodfall: 907-631-1611
Blake: Ok I will check that for you now, one moment please.
mdwoodfall: thanks
Blake: Please can you re-write you username and email address as i am unable to find your account on our system
mdwoodfall: I am from the Raging bull casino, but they say Everything goes through you.
mdwoodfall: mdwoodfall is the username
mdwoodfall: [email protected] is my email
Blake: Ok, Mr Woodfall, I see that you have made a deposit, but as the source was unknown we never collected this amount from your
mdwoodfall: that wqas three months ago no one mentloned a thing and i won some money and requested a withdrwal and it was denied
and all the money taken
mdwoodfall: It was a visa deposit that was approved
mdwoodfall: you think someone would have mentioned the fact they did not get the deposit instead i was allowed to play for 3 months
mdwoodfall: when i won they decided it was my fault
mdwoodfall: not real fare
Blake: it was never approved or collected, this is a casino policy and would be cleared automatically when more deposits are made.
mdwoodfall: so i wish to se If there is someone that i can appeal to
Blake: this practice is to protect us from credit card fraud.
mdwoodfall: blake i have my deposit receipt that comes from there that say •.. APPROVED
Blake: I am trying to find someone for you to talk to ,one moment please
mdwoodfall: I can attach it to an email
mdwoodfall: 1m not hopeful
mdwoodfall: Raging Bull Casino to me Show more 11/23/16 DEPOSIT CONFIRMATION Thank you Michael Woodfall, Your deposit to Raging
Bull Casino has been processed successfully and an amount of $ 50.00 USD has been credited to your Account ID mdwoodfall. Your
transactlon will appear on your cardholder statement as: $ 49.95 USD Contact Customer Services VISA 4****9068 The above charge
amount may vary due to the locations of our banks and will always be less than the amount credited to your account. Please contact
Customer services for any questions about your recent transaction. Email: bankjn­[email protected]­agi­nab­ull­cas­lno.com Phone: 1-800-920-0726 Thank
you for your patronage. -The Staff at Raging Bull Casino- 30744394 - 11/23/2016 3:16:58 PM
mdwoodfall: my bank tells me they never sent it in they never recleved a request for payment
Blake: So Mr Woodfall, we have spoken to the withdrawals department and told them your situation, and they said that on this occasion we
will approve your withdrawal.
mdwoodfall: the strange part Is that if you look at my account on 11/25/2016, the casino depositd $50 to my account for "uncollected
mdwoodfall: your kidding
Blake: but we will need you to send us you ID documentation and banking details
mdwoodfall: I did alraedy
mdwoodfall: I will fax It again
mdwoodfall: I hope your not kidding
Blake: You can send your documents to: docume­nts­@rl­ngm­ast­erm­ail.com, and please label your email with the name of the casino, and
your casino username (login).
Blake: In order to update your file, we need to ask you for the following documents:
Blake: -Copy of an Identification (Driver's Ucense or Passport)
Blake: -Utility bill (Showing your name and address)
Blake: -Signed Certification Form for all the Credit/Debit Cards used
Blake: -Copy of all the Credit/Debit Cards you have used to deposit
Blake: The link bellow will take you directly to the Certification Form
Blake: http:/­/ww­w.r­ing­mas­ter­cas­ino.co­m/A­cco­unt­Ver­ifi­cat­ion­For­mSi­lve­rOa­kGr­oup.htm
Blake: would you prefer bank wire or check?
mdwoodfall: bank wire
Blake: If you would like to be paid via Bank Wire, please take note of the following:
Blake: *lMPORTANT: Please enter the information exactiy as requested below. All information is mandatory. Incomplete information will
engender a delay. You will have to re-submit the information until we have everything necessary to process your withdrawal.
Blake: .Bank Name:
Blake: .Bank Address (Physical address of the branch you visit):
Blake: -Exact Name registered on account(*}:
"1=- ......• PI,.ro nf R.ir+h ("'itv/c::~t,A,'· 11<:0 C:t-:lt,.::o 6k",,.O\ti:=-til"ln lot+orc FV;lilT1nlo· ("'4=r;:lllifn,.ni;a
Blake: .Bank Account# (**):
Blake: .Swift Code: Capital letters only
Blake: .ABA/ROUting# (9 digits # for International Wires):
Blake: .Checking or savings:
Blake: (*)If it's a joint account please provide all names registered on the account.
Blake: (**)NO Business accounts allowed.
Blake: (***) Bank account must allow processing of both FedAOI and Fedwire payments. If you are not sure, please verify with your bank.
Blake: IMPORTANT Notes:
Blake: - We cannot use Intermediary banks
Blake: - We cannot transfer funds to BB&T Bank (Branch Banking & Trust), BBVA Bank, Credit Union Banks, National Pennsylvania,
Oklahoma bank, USAA, Mellon, Otlzen Equity First or Eastern Bank.
Blake: - The Bank's address cannot be a P.O. BOX.
Blake: - The SWIFT code is an alphanumeric code and Is used for international transactions; we cannot send a bank wire without it.
Blake: - Please DOUBLE OIECK all the information before sending it. In case there is a problem due to mistaken Bank account information
we cannot guarantee that the payment will be reissued, and If It CAN be done, an administrative fee will be assessed.
Blake: *Please be aware that as this will be an international transaction, your bank and the other banks Involved may charge additional
currency conversion and processing fees.
Blake: -*Inaccurate or incomplete Information may lead to funds sent to an incorrect account which will be Impossible to recover. Please
also make sure your bank information Is 100% accurate, since fees will be charged for returned wires which must be covered by the
account holder If the Information provided is incorrect, Including additional fees assessed to resend the transaction.
Blake: *** Remember you should never mention the funds come from a casino or online gaming site .• **
Blake: Please email thisln­for­mat­ion­to:­pay­men­[email protected]­cas­lnQ­SuD­por­tce­nte­r.com
mdwoodfall: 1 sent In all that stuff but will gladly resend It
Blake: sorry please send the docs to
Blake: e-mail fordoc­ume­nts­:ba­nki­[email protected]­rag­ing­bul­lca­sln­o.com\
mdwoodfall: ok. ..they will get everything in 15 minutes
Blake: great.
Blake: Is there anything else 1 can help you with today?
mdwoodfall: Wow •.• I am really pleased!
mdwoodfall: no ..• thanks alot!!
Info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.
Blake: have a great day.
mdwoodfall: you as well dear blake

Posted on June 13, 2017

Hi Michael--

I've received your email and I've forwarded this on to our Payments Manager--I'm simply waiting on her response, which I expect to have tomorrow. Please hang in there--I'm doing what I can to get this resolved.


mdwoodfall United States
Posted on June 15, 2017

Hi Tawni,
Thank you, I know. Please bare with me as well, the timing of it all,......
I appreciate your efforts and consideration in this matter.


Posted on June 19, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Raging Bull Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

Posted on June 23, 2017

Hi Michael--

It took me a minute (understatement!), but at least I have good news...

Based upon that live chat you had with Blake, we are going to honor the withdrawal. ;-)

In order to get this sorted out for you, we need to get a current set of docs, along with the credit card authorization form. You can pick up the authorization form, here: https:­//w­ww.r­ag­ing­bul­lca­sin­o.c­om/­for­m.pdf

Please be sure to include everything as instructed on the authorization form.

Additionally, we'll need your preferred method of payment (check, wire or Bitcoin). If you would like Bitcoin, we'll need your crypto addy and if you'd prefer a wire, we'll need your complete wire details:

Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Exact Name registered in Acct:
Beneficiary Address Registered on the bank act:
Acct #:
Swift code (Alphanumeric code):
ABA/Routing #: 9 digits (# for International Wires)
♦ Checking or Savings Account?:
♦ Important to know that we cannot use intermediary Banks

Please send this to the email address you have for me. I'll be able to sort this out faster than if you go through the normal channels.

I'm so happy this is sorting out for you.

I'll look forward to your email.


mdwoodfall United States
Posted on June 26, 2017

Hi Tawni,
Awesome good news! Really great!
Thank you so much for your assistance.
I have already sent to you via email, the documentation for a wire transfer.
I have done a few so all the info you requested is there.
The web address for the "Authorization Form" is down, or out of commission, I have attached a snippet.
However, I have the one from February and have sent it as well as the supporting documents. Since they are pretty standard it should be fine. Let me know when you receive it.
Great job! keep me posted!

Michael Woodfall

Posted on June 27, 2017

Hi Michael--

I've received your documents and as soon as I have the approval and notes that the payment is set to go, I'll come back and update the thread. ;-)


Posted on June 30, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Planet 7 Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

Posted on June 30, 2017

Hi Michael--

I have good news/bad news for you--I'll get the bad news out of the way, first...

Your sum total withdrawal is a bit less than you were expecting: $850

The reason for this is you used a coupon (RBWM300) which gave you a $150 bonus. All bonuses are non-withdrawable, so this was removed from your withdrawal request.

The good news is that your wire was sent off early this morning. Due to the 4th of July holiday, I would expect you'll receive your wire towards the end of this coming week (hopefully sooner).

Have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday!


mdwoodfall United States
Posted on July 1, 2017

Hi Tawni,
First, Thank you for your help and the success of procuring the $850.00. I am pleased, truly, but... with reserve, and only because, I believe (and will show), that the casino is -in essence by keeping $150.00- double dipping" plus!
You see, someone made an 'arbitray and capricious' decision regarding the "coupon" RBWM300, and did not do their homework. But, it can be easily fixed.
Consequently, the "right' decision, that puts the Raging Bull Casino in the best regard of being even handed, fair and just, will now have the taint of pettyness and penny pinching, without justification!
We dont want that senerio. Raging Bull has come this far, lets help them cross the finish line as winners in the eyes of the gambling brotherhood.
So, lets back up a step and I will explain.
First, on the coupon in question RBWM300 (that brought me away from Cool Cat and Planet 7), was a special promotional that offered a redeemable 10x cash out, low play-through etc., but lets just say for sake of arguement, it was a regular non-cash-out bonus.
Remember, I won in excess of $2500 and only put in a $975.00 withdrawal. one reason was that "first thing" before the reels had stopped spinning on the Slot machine, Raging Bull Management On 2/09/[email protected] 05:13 am, a $639.48 withdrawal from my account labeled: COUPON REVERSAL WITHDRAWAL.(its on the account transaction sheet submitted day one)
So, for a $150 coupon, which in reality cost Raging Bull, $0.00, they made $639.00 cash! they alredy took their 600%!
Here is my suggestion to fix this. Raging bull removed $25 cash from my account above and beyond the "withdrawal requested amout of $975.00
They owe me that.
Now another $125.00 for "double dipping" the coupon amt.
I will ask you to go "once more into the breech" on my behalf! and explain their unintentional mistake, and further, explain that the customer has no lingering hard feelings, and will take the $150 as a credit to his Raging Bull account.
If i win they will probably have to pay-out again, if I dont, I will deposit more money and try again!
A happy equitable solution! Planet 7 and Coolcat will also be getting renewal business as the world is right again!
Let me know, and thank you!


Posted on July 4, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Raging Bull Casino management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

Posted on July 8, 2017

Hi Michael--

I'm a bit surprised by your last post. I bent over backwards to get this sorted out for you and at the end of the day, you never even gave proof that your deposit was paid--the statement you sent showed zero evidence of that deposit going through. Really, you were very lucky that our support agent screwed up, as this was the basis for me having this withdrawal paid.

Cutting to the chase, we owe you nothing further and I'm not about to have any funds issued to your account.


Posted on July 12, 2017

Dear @mdwoodfall,

Please make sure to update your issue in a timely manner and let the AskGamblers Complaints Team know if you got the payment. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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