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WinTingo not delivering on withdrawals

posted on November 21, 2013.


I joined the Wintingo Casino last saturday. I took the offer and deposit money and started playing. After a while i won 600 euros on one of the slots. Then i wanted to Withdraw the money and i pressed withdraw. Then i noticed that like most of the Casinos on the internet they need the documents of the id, address and credit card (info).

So, one i did the withdrawal request, i started to upload the documents. Then the first error occured. The uploading software stopped at 5% of the downloading and stucked there for 20mins and then i gave up. So i started again and again same thing. So i contacted the customer service what was on the morning cause they didint have anybody online, (so i waited 6 hours to do that). Then i got a hold of this nice customer service lady, who was polite and i did ask ''how can i send the documents when your system is not working'' and she contacted her supervisor and i got an email address where to send documents. Witch i did right away, and i asked offcourse how long should it take cause the website says it takes max. 48 hours from the withdrawal request. And the customer service lady said the same thing. K.

So, i waited the 48 hours. heard nothing back nowhere. So i contacted customer service again and after explaning the situation to the customer service lady i got an responce to my email. Witch was:

'''''''''Dear Seppo,

I have spoken to the Accounts Manager and you should receive an email from our banking department tomorrow regarding your pending withdrawal.

Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.

With kind regards


And this message i got November 19 (two days a go)

Then i waited for yesterday night. And nothing happened, i haven't got any emails from the wintingo banking or nothing. Then i go check in to to my wintingo profile and it has changed from ''pending'' to ''waiting for players responce''. So i automatickly check my spam messages, thrash and every folder and nothing. No messages. And then i go read online that there might be some problems via gmail of receiving the emails from there, so i do as instructed and add them as my contacts, check the filters and fix them etc... And still no messages.

So i sent again my documents (pictures and message to the banking) to be sure.

It takes overnight and then i talked with the customer service (today) that what is happening cause i dont get any responce from nowhere and i have sent now two messages(documents) and all to their banking place, and no responce and it has been 4 days now without any info on the progress, cause i dont even know is my documents good or what... Then the customer service lady says that she will send a message to there again waits for reply also from there, then i got message about 3,5 hours a go from the customer service lady that:

'''''Hi Seppo,

Just to let you know, I have at this point emailed banking, and sent a copy of the email to my manager, so he is aware you are not happy about the whole situation, Unfortunately there is still no reply from banking, I am going off at midnight, and not on until 5 pm to morrow, hoping it will be resolved by the time I get to work. Again sorry about the delay in matter.

Kind regards


And im stunned... i dont even know at this point do i get my money from there, cause 600 euros aint a small amount to me, and 48 hours has elevated to double time without any responce even is my documents good and what is the progress on the matter.

And because Wintingo is open at sunday to Thursday. So this is a big delay and it will go probably to next week (if im lucky to get anything from there). So 48 hours has doubled, without any answers from the banking, Then i have the 3 - 5 days waiting time when they release my money to my account and this is IF, my documents are okay. (What they should be) Cause they are exactly what they asked for to the letter.

So what to do? been contacting their customer service 3 times now, and get the same answers everytime and nothing happens. And i know its not the customer service fault, but i hope this would bring some intrest to the manager side of Wintingo, or atleast reach the banking guys. Thanks.

posted on November 24, 2013.

Hi Seppo,

I see all your docs have been approved and your withdrawal is currently in process which means the funds have already been sent for processing to the relevant credit card company. We are now awaiting them to approve the transaction, please note this process can take up to 48 hours depending on the credit card you used.


posted on November 28, 2013.

Waited 48 hours and more.. And still no money on my bank account...

posted on November 28, 2013.

Correction. I have waited the 48 hours, and then 3 days and also got a message 3 days a go that my winning had been payed 3 days ago. But still, i don't see any money or transaction in my bank account.