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WinTingo Casino - Delaying verification and withdrawal

Posted on July 11, 2016.

On June 27 requested first withdrawal. Verification request followed next and everything was sent immediately. After three days asked what's the status and it was said that verification is still taking place. Later they asked to upload documents in my profile. Since they had blocked my account on verification process, I replied that I can only send via e-mail and it is impossible what they ask. After clearing out that e-mail with attachment is fine. Nevertheless, i got similar requests three (!!!) more times. After each case they kind of admitted that all is good. Then came another document request - my selfie with ID document. So, I sent that and asked to confirm if they have received. Got such confirmation (this was not auto reply confirmation since it come some 12 hours later and specifically referring to my question ). After a few days I again checked how it is going. It turned out that despite confirmation of receiving documents actually they haven't received these docs (at least they claim so). So, I sent one more time and again after 12 hours got confirmation they have received.
So, it is now 11 days of verification process going with no signs it could be done anywhere close in a future. Needless to say that I sent everything ASAP - this is not the first verification process I am going through.
The worst part here is that support people are totally incompetent and replies take a long time. Document that are sent are lost, they give false answers, promise things that does not happen and ask impossible things (account is blocked, but they ask to login and upload docs). Situation is especially tragic when case is taken over by different agents - they get lost very quickly. This verification process usually take 1 day in decent casinos, but it is nonsense here. After googling a bit, I realised that there have been a lot of cases like that, including complaints in No idea if this can be solved, but at least there should be note at this casino is is some sort blacklist.

Posted on July 12, 2016.

Withdrawal was 620 eur.
Few days after that I entered one more time in Wintingo Livechat and they again said that documents are not received! Again at first they say everything is received and soon will be processed, but afterwards that nothing is received. I pasted all e-mail replies from their agents that all documents are received. Luckily for me one of such confirmations came from agent who was on Live chat that day. So, he couldn't deny anymore that nothing is received. In a result everything was sorted in 30 mins. And of course 13 days of theatre and lies before that happened.
But do you think it ended here? Not really. After a day I received withdrawal of 300 eur (not 620 eur). When I asked how come, they answered that this is a way how they check if Skrill account is really mine... Really!? So, will see if I receive remaining 320 eur at all.

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