WinTingo Casino - Contradicting rules!!

posted on May 30, 2012.

My complaint regarding Wintingo casino is in reference to their different sets of 'terms and conditions'. According to one set which stated that " " which seems very reasonable and fair however when you look into different area's of rules, you are told that " " which is a complete contradiction!!

I understand that different rules may apply for various games fr example, but according to the above Wintingo rules, somehow they are allowed to completely invalidate one rule with another?

When I phoned up to get my money back because I did not intend to deposit as much as I had thought necessary when told I could not just deposit the £20 originally stated by Wintingo, after using the 1 hour 100 credits bonus, in which time I made over £400 and should have been able to withdraw £50 of that - which I didint!! I was also then told that I could not withdraw ANY of my money untill it had been rolled over 30x which is ridiculous and especially considering it then contradicts their rules yet again!

I just want my money back and they can have their deposit back and I won't be using them again! I have never had so much trouble with any website before!

Please help if you can to sort this matter out as I am extremely frustrated and angry!!



(nikki­_ba­ker­[email protected]­hot­mai­

posted on June 25, 2012.

 Hello Nikki! We are informed from the casino that their customer service tried to contact you, but didn't hear back from you since May. Can you confirm this and let us know if there's any updates in your case?

posted on June 29, 2012.

 Please post some reply here, otherwise this complaint will be closed!

posted on July 4, 2012.

 So, this complaint can be considered solved!