WinTingo casino - Bonus Issues?!

posted on October 23, 2013.

i joined wintingo and they asked if i would like a bonus i asked what their bonus was and they said 30 per cent i said i dont want any bonus if there is any wagering requirements they said thats ok i can have real cash no wagering requirements which i received for months they knew how i felt about wagering requirements and would not accept any bonus unless i got real cah back without the wagering requirements , they agreed to let me have this they had loads of special offer free prize draws if i entered various codes but their codes never worked, after a few months thery said because i was a good customer they were giving me a 90 per cent bonus , they never told me this had any catches and led me to believe it was the same as my previous bonus i bet thousands of pounds and did not know their was a catch unyil i had almost 10.00 bonus and had won 300.00 and came to withdraw it and it said i could not withdraw because i had to bet 289.69 more to withdraw my money out, i sent them an e mail they replied saying they were sorry they did not tell me this bonus had wagering requirements i said i was annoyed because they led me to believe it was the same no strings attached no wagering requirements of which they said sorry i have copies of the e mails with them saying they did not tell me also i asked why once again i was not entered into their free prize draws they said it was because i was on 90 per cent bonus yet their promotion did not say you could not claimif you were on a higher bonus i did not get the free entries when i was on lower cash back either i feel they totally misled me .

see copies of e mails underneath

Hi Rob

Yes I have taken your comments on board , thank you. You did mention you have some new team members joining you soon, I am sure this will ease a lot of the issues which you have been burdened with, still a little confused that I was granted another bonus yet I was still under the impression it was a no strings attached bonus as this is always what i have requested and it was not until i tried to withdraw knew anything had changed yet on no occasion what so ever was i informed there were large wagering requirements attached to this bonus as this is something i have always refused.


Rob Duthie from wintingo

Hi Julie, I am sorry that this was not made clear to you. Our standard cashba...

21 Oct (2 days ago)

Julie Astley

21 Oct (2 days ago)

to Rob wintingo


Yes i was always on the no wagering requirement then all of a sudden i received notification because i was a good customer would receive the 90 per cent but this did not include being eligible for entry of your draws and only the 30 per cent bonus was eligble for entry into your free draws of which I was not entered into and never had free entrance to any draws regardless of which bonus i was on, so something was missed in this instance, thank you.

posted on October 25, 2013.

At WinTingo we are totally transparent with our bonus system the terms and conditions are clearly shown in our mailers and in the promotion section of our website. Our cashback system is our unique feature which allows players to earn cashback on every deposit that is made. The important point with cashback is that it is awarded into a Pending cashback balance and is not given to a player upfront as with a standard casino bonus.

Player starts playing with the funds that they have deposited and the pending cashback draws down as real money while they play. This is not a deposit match bonus, the overriding benefit is that you can withdraw your real money balance at any time; you do not have to wait until all the wagering is complete.

At WinTingo we do reward regular players which means the more they play the higher the cashback offers they get and on certain days of the week players can get 100% cashback on their deposits.

In some cases players have opted to have their bonus money upfront which falls outside of our standard cashback offering. Receiving promotion money upfront means that you have the full wagering requirements to play through before you can withdraw.

Please be sure you understand the difference between a deposit match bonus and a cashback bonus before you deposit all terms and conditions are shown on:

WinTingo Promotions - https:­//w­ww.w­in­tin­go.c­om­/pr­omo­tio­ns/­cas­hback

General Bonus Terms - https:­//w­ww.w­in­tin­go.c­om­/te­rms­/ge­ner­al-­bon­us-­terms

posted on October 26, 2013.

thank you for reply , however i was never informed by anyone that my no wager bonus, no strings attached which i have always mane plain to you is the only one i was interested in, therefore i have received an e mail stating you did not make me aware my bonus terms which i have a seperate copy of had been altered but made it look like you were keeping me on same no wager . no strings attached bonus and just increasing the bonus. please see under mentioned :

this is what you sent me

To compensate for the Lucky Draws I have left your deposit match bonus at 90% instead

This does not mention wagering requirements and makes it sound as though you have just increased my no strings bonus because i wasnt entered into the draws.

I have other e mails which i have sent stating i am only interested in no wagering no strings attached bonus of which wintingo have replied , at at no points have wintingo mentioned the y have given me a better bonus but there is wagering requirements.

i think i have been slightly misled.