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Betchan Casino - Winnings confiscated arbitrarily

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Betchan Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount BTC 1.32
Posted on November 24, 2016

I played slots with a deposit bonus. According to the terms the maximum bet with a bonus is 25mBTC. I played all the time with maximum of 7.5mBTC bets. When the bonus playthrough requirements were fulfilled and I ended my play, my balance was 1.32005238 BTC, the original deposit was 0.39920159 BTC. The promotion was 50% Reload Bonus (Monday).

I don't understand what and how could I have possibly done something wrong and against the terms so much that a confiscation of the total balance 1.32005238 BTC would be justified. Actually I don't see one single reason.

I received an email about the confiscation with this list of reasons:

-participating in any type of collusion with other players
-providing incorrect registration data
-development of strategies aimed at gaining of unfair winnings
-fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment providers
- creating two or more accounts
- other types of cheating

My account was already fully and successfully verified with the KYC procedures.

I find this act gravely arbitrary, which can and if not cleared and corrected (at least well explained) should affect the reputation of this casino negatively. Until the case is clear, I would recommend huge caution with playing at this site, but I'm obviously and in the name of justice open to hear their reply and explanation first - until then, a fair warning!

Posted on November 28, 2016

Dear @miroh,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on November 29, 2016

Dear @miroh,

We`d like to inform you that the proofs were sent to ASKGAMBLERS SUPPORT SERVICE.


BetChan Casino Team

miroh Finland
Posted on November 30, 2016


personally I haven't received any proofs from Betchan.com. Could you kindly send them to me too? This is the first time I get information from Betchan.com now that they would have some kind of proofs of something.

Posted on December 3, 2016

Dear all,

Kindly note that the AskGamblers Complaint Team requested additional information from the Betchan Casino team due to the fact that we considered the details and/or facts they've presented so far as not justified enough to confirm the accusations against the player.

Should the operator fail to provide such an update within the specified timeframes, the case shall be considered unresolved and will be closed accordingly.

Posted on December 7, 2016

Betchan Casino Team continue investigation into the player`s case.
We require more time to gather a sufficient amount of details which may be more argumentative for AskGamblers Complaints Team.

miroh Finland
Posted on December 8, 2016

I still haven't got any kind of further communication from Betchan Casino. They have refused to email me any additional evidence and information. All of their accusations against me in this case are seemingly arbitrary, mostly just ridiculous, as said before. And as they don't have even the courtesy to open up a single one of they accusations in more details, they are only approaching the limit of legal defamation, nothing else.

I have also new evidence from elsewhere at Askgamblers.com site and also from other gambling forums that Betchan.com casino has recently sent exactly the same accusations email to several other players too after confiscating they balance as well.

I have done my best to run personal investigations even deeper. After going through dozens of discussions, complaints, gambling sites, forums among other sources, the whole picture strongly indicates that this casino may be running a systematic falsified accusations attack against many of its customers. I repeat: this casino may be running a systematic falsified accusations attack against many of its customers.

That said, there is obviously a real danger that Betchan.com may be trying to even embezzle bitcoins from its players and in the end (most likely) disappear online.

The conclusion above is not absolutely definite at the moment, but because so many warning signs have appeared recently, I feel its my responsibility for the common good to warn all players the best I can.

At the moment, do not deposit to Betchan.com, if you care about your money!

Note to Askgamblers.com administration. Please, look into this case the best you can, and if possible and if you see it fit, take actions to remove the ASKGAMBLERS Certificate of Trust -banner from their site.

I don't care about my lost balance in this case anymore that much, but what I care about the most is to fight for a fraud-free and trustworthy internet gaming. Acting together and exposing the fraudsters, we show that the players' community has real power! Truth will always prevail in the end.

Posted on December 12, 2016

Dear AskGamblers Team,

we will send you the proofs tomorrow.


BetChan Casino Team

Posted on December 13, 2016

I haven't received any further emails from Betchan.com. I wonder if you at AskGamblers have received?

Betchan Casino Complaints

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  • 2 days avg response
  • 6 days avg complaint life
  • 1,803 USD avg amount

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